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Episode 55 8/14/2019 (Recorded 8/13/2019)
Full house tonight at the HOTYS podcast. Rob Acampora joins the entire crew tonight once again as we interview actress Halina James and writer, director, actor Ryan Willard. Their short film Quantum won Best short at the festival and Halina won the Rising Star Award.

Episode 54 8/14/2019 (Recorded 7/30/2019)
CJ Cullen, Brian Kopack and Hiram Ortiz back in the studio again this summer with actor, filmmaker Chris McDonnell as we discuss his film McDick now available to watch on Amazon.

Episode 53 7/17/2019 (Recorded 7/14/2019)
LIVE with Cj Cullen Tom Bragg Larry Rosen Mike Vezza talking about their upcoming projects

Episode 52 7/17/2019 (Recorded 7/9/2019)
Hiram, Brian and CJ are back podcasting again. This time with filmmaker Gerard Garilli talking about his new film Hard Laughter

Episode 51 6/6/2019 (Recorded 6/3/2019)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts crew recap the 2019 film festival and talk about their trip to Comicpalooza in Houston Texas!

Episode 50 4/21/2019 (Recorded 4/15/2019)
It’s our 50th episode with the whole crew from Hotys and guests filmmakers Larry Rosen and Bob Klein and radio personality Rob Amcapora.

Episode 49 6/6/2019 (Recorded Live in Houston, TX 5/12/2019)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts gang podcast live from Comicpalooza 2019!

Episode 48 6/6/2019 (Recorded 5/3/2019)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts crew talks to guests Tom Bentey Cremer Brothers Grace Soriano and Cameron Spector!

Episode 47 5/4/2019 (Recorded 5/2/2019)
LIVE wkith the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival podcast! The Film Fest is THIS WEEKEND in Asbury Park!! Cj Cullen Hiram Ortiz Brian Kopack Mark Clauburg Barbara Becker Holstein Taylor Allen Kramer Herzog

Episode 46 4/29/2019 (Recorded 4/29/2019)
Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival podcast is gearing up for the fest is THIS WEEKEND May 4-5! With hosts Cj Cullen Hiram Ortiz Brian Kopack Rich Lello. Tonights show we had filmmaker Thomas Baldinger and actor and now filmmaker Lenny Venito

Episode 45 4/2/2019 (Recorded 4/1/2019)
We are on episode 49 here with CJ, BK and Hiram in the house tonight. We have 3 special filmmaker guests that will be at HOTYS this season. We are joined by Francesco Nuzzi, John Hedlund and Greg Jolly.

Episode 44 4/1/2019 (Recorded 3/18/2019)
The Hotys crew are joined by Chris Orengeno …not sure spelling last name….to discuss his new film projects as well as his past ones that were in the festival. Chris is a filmmaker and actor and has a new film in the fest this season.

Episode 43 3/11/2019 (Recorded 2/25/2019)
Brian, Hiram and CJ on the studio with 3 special guests. Writer Tom Bragg, actress Kim Paris and regular guest on the podcast Mark Clauberg. Mark and Tom were being honored at the Brightside Fest.

Episode 42 2/6/2019 (Recorded 2/4/2019)
Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast is back with CJ Cullen and Brian Kopack holding down the fort on a Monday night. Tonight we had actor/producer Mike Vezza and feature film producer Jimmy Alexander in the studio discussing all their projects.

Episode 41 1/23/2019 (Recorded 1/22/2019)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast with Cj Cullen Hiram Ortiz Brian Kopack Rich Lello. Todays special guests are filmmaker Mark Clauburg and Matt Pipkin the new brewer from Beach Haus Brewery.

Episode 40 1/9/2019 (Recorded 1/8/2019)
We are back in the studio with hosts CJ, Hiram and Brian. Today’s guest is filmmaker, writer, producer Sam Borowski. Check out the show where Sam talks about some new and uocoming projects.

Episode 39 12/25/2018 (Recorded 12/18/2018)
Larry Rosen guests hosts the next episode with CJ, Brian (BK) and Hiram. We had a special guest stop by once again Danielle Najarian

Episode 38 12/10/2018 (Recorded 11/20/2018)
In the latest show from the HOTYS Podcast the whole gang was in the studio. We had actress Danielle Najarian and filmmaker Trifon Dimitropoulos as they talked about their new film.

Episode 37 11/23/2018 (Recorded 11/18/2018)
It’s another episode of HOTYS Podcast with CJ Cullen, Brian Kopack and Hiram Ortiz in the studio. Today we have Joe Kane from the Brick Wall and Carton Brewery as well as an actor who can be seen on the Deuce.

Episode 36 11/5/2018 (Recorded 11/5/2018)
Comedian KP Burke joins the HOTYS crew with CJ Cullen, Rich Lello, Brian Kopack and Hiram Ortiz in this new episode of the podcast.

Episode 35 10/26/2018 (Recorded 10/23/2018)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival Podcast is back for another episode with hosts Cj Cullen Hiram Ortiz Brian Kopackand and guest host Mark Clauburg. Today we have a great show with filmmaker, writer and actor Doug Bollinger and filmmaker Grant Olans.

Episode 34 10/20/2018 (Recorded 10/9/2018)
The entire HOTYS crew is together again in this new episode. We are joined on this episode by actor, producer and business owner Joe Sernio. He has been a big part of our festival from the beginning so this is going to be a great show with drinks and food included!

Episode 33 9/29/2018 (Recorded 9/25/2018)
HOTYS crew is back for another episode in the studio. Hosts CJ Cullen, Hiram Ortiz, Brian Kopack with special guest actor Carmine Giordano and filmmaker Ryan Callaway.

Episode 32 9/24/2018 (Recorded 9/11/2018)
Cullen, Kopack and Ortiz are back in the studio for another episode of HOTYS Podcast. Today we have the founder and director of the Westfield International Film Festival Gina M Rodriguez and filmmaker, singer Maurice Paramore who along with CJ Cullen will have a film playing in the festival next weekend.

Episode 31 8/29/2018 (Recorded 8/28/2018)
The whole HOTYS crew is back in the studio once again. Tonight’s episode we are joined by long time NJ Disc Jockey and Morning Show host from 107.1 The Boss its Rob Acampora.

Episode 30 8/1/2018 (Recorded 7/31/2018)
Tonight’s episode of HOTYS podcast we discuss the Brightside Tavern Film Festival with filmmaker Loring Murtha and actress Laura Petersen. We are also on the phone with student filmmaker Kelsey Sharpe who has an event August 1 & 2nd in NYC.

Episode 29 7/31/2018 (Recorded 7/30/2018)
This episode of the Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast we are joined by a bunch of guests who will be at the Brightside Tavern Film Festival coming up. It includes host Cj Cullen and guests Victoria Tahhan, Alexandru Aldea, Larry Rosen, Mike Vezza as well as Tommy Parisi on the phone.

Episode 28 7/31/2018 (Recorded 7/24/2018)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts crew with CJ Cullen, Brian Kopack and Hiram Ortiz are back with guests filmmakers and actors Tom Bentey and Michael Robert Anderson.

Episode 27.5 7/17/2018 (Recorded 7/10/2018)
We stayed away from the studio for a while so we decided to do another back to back episode. The crew was joined by actress Dixie O’Connell who won Best Actress in a comedy short in our first film festival ever over 5 years ago. Now graduated from high school Dixie will be entering college in the fall and be sure to see her as an actress in the near future.

Episode 27 7/17/2018 (Recorded 7/10/2018)
After a 3 week break the boys are back for a new Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast. Today we have Jay Webb, the founder and festival director of the Indie Street Film Festival in the studio to talk about the upcoming 3rd year of the festival in Red Bank, NJ.

Episode 26 6/20/2018 (Recorded 6/19/2018)
The whole HOTYS crew is back in the studio once again with a full house. Today our guest is filmmaker Christopher Orangeo who has had films in our festival in the past seasons.

Episode 25 6/14/2018 (Recorded 6/13/2018)
Today’s Podcast was a Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast mixed in with Middletown North and South High Schools. Mr. Cullen and Mr. Corey hosted the podcast with Ming Chen in the producers chair. Their guests today included student filmmaker from South,Morgan Barth, and student filmmaker from North, Yasmin Yilmaz. There films as well as 30 plus other films will be screening at Middletown South High School at 6:30pm this Friday. Come join us to see a ton of student work, just $5 at the door.

Episode 24 6/6/2018 (Recorded 6/5/2018)
The Boys are back in town, the entire HOTYS crew is finally back in the studio together. Today we are joined by filmmaker Tom Baldinger who wrote and directed the newly released film “Who’s Jenna?”

Episode 23 6/4/2018 (Recorded 6/2/2018)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast did a bonus episode with CJ Cullen and Dennis Cahlo where they discuss the recent film screening of their short film “Death and Disco Fries” in Houston at Comicpalooza.

Episode 22 6/4/2018 (Recorded 6/2/2018)
Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast returned with CJ Cullen and guest host Dennis Cahlo. They were joined by long time actress and author Julia Whelan and filmmaker Brad Robinson. They created the short film “Ghosts of NY” that won best short short at the festival this year.

Episode 21 6/4/2018 (Recorded 5/22/2018)
In this episode of HOTYS Podcast CJ Cullen and Brian Kopack are joined by filmmaker, photographer and fest director Chis Capaci. We discuss the NJ Recovery Film Festival and the upcoming Brightside Tavern Film Festival summer session.

Episode 20 5/1/2018 (Recorded 5/1/2018)
Tonight’s episode is a recap of our fest for year 5. Rich Lello, Brian Kopack, Hiram Ortiz and CJ Cullen are in the studio tonight to thank everyone who came and was part of the festival. We can’t believe we will be getting ready for year 6.

Episode 19 5/2/2018 (Recorded 4/20/2018)
Filmmaker Justin Giegerich and actress Jessica Ryan from the short film Green Shoes joined us for an episode in the studio to talk about their film and the festival. Filmmaker Bradley Hawkins also joined us on the show to talk about his film Filling In. Bradley is also doing a local casting session for his next film in the area and all of them will be joining us for the festival this weekend.

Episode 18 5/2/2018 (Recorded 4/3/2018)
Amy Quick Parrish the director of the short film 40 Bucks joined JT and CJ in the studio for this special edition episode with Steve Rogers (not Captain America) in the background and an appearance by Mike Zapcic as well.

Episode 17 4/20/2018 (Recorded 4/19/2018)
CJ is joined by Kramer Herzog and Ming Chen for another HOYTS episode. We are joined today on the phone with actor Jack Mulcahy from hit films such as Porky’s, Brothers McMullen and so much tv and short films. He will be featured in 2 short films screening at this year’s festival. We are also joined via phone by the writer of the new show Cobra Kai. Josh Heald is an original Jersey boy and also the writer of the hit film Hot Tub Time Machine.

Episode 16 4/20/2018 (Recorded 4/19/2018)
CJ and Hiram were joined on the studio with a big crew of filmmakers. Kramer Herzog is is here for his 5th straight year. Barbara Becker Holstein who is returning for another year with her actress Megan Brown and joining us again is Dudley the vodka man from Broken Shed mixing another drink for us in the studio for the festival.

Episode 15 4/17/2018 (Recorded 4/17/2018)
Tonight’s podcast we had JT Maguire back in the house hosting with Brian K and Hiram. We also welcome filmmaker Maurice Paramore, a big time HOTYS alumni back to the fest for yet another season. Come see his new film at Porta this Sunday night.

Episode 14 4/12/2018 (Recorded 4/10/2018)
The boys from Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival CJ, Brian and Hiram had a few actress and actor guests in the studio. They were joined by Katrina Miccio, Kim Paris and Dario Del Priore

Episode 13 4/6/2018 (Recorded 4/3/2018)
Robert Michael Bray who is an actor and singer and filmmaker Tyrell Jason joined us in this episode to talk about their new short film, upcoming music videos and future film projects. Tom Bragg and Steve Rogers joined the podcast once again as well as they promote film festivals and their upcoming projects.

Episode 12 4/6/2018 (Recorded 4/3/2018)
Today’s episode which is 1 of 2 that we did included Steve Rogers (not the real Captain America) who came to talk about Point Lookout Film Festival. We were also joined by writer and producer Tom Bragg who has a horror film in our fest called Photokill and Jeff Sutton who wrote, directed and acted in the short film The Tragedy of Sal which can also be seen at this year’s film fest.

Episode 11 3/26/2018 (Recorded 3/26/2018)
Another Hand Onto Your Shorts podcast with CJ, Brian, Hiram and special guest from Broken Shed Vodka its Dudley Delhagen.

Episode 10 3/23/2018 (Recorded 3/23/2018)
Cj Cullen did a impromptu podcast for the Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast with filmmaker Larry Rosen and actor Mike Vezza and Alex Aleda who are all headed to Asbury Park for the Garden State Film Festival.

Episode 9 3/20/2018 ((Recorded 3/20/2018)
Brian Kopack is joined by filmmakers Dennis Cahlo and Christian A Moran

Episode 8 3/14/2018 (Recorded 3/13/2018)
The whole HOTYS Podcast crew is in the house tonight with filmmakers John Hedlund and Francesco Nuzzi who have 2 short films in this year’s festival.

Episode 7 3/14/2018 (Recorded 3/13/2018)
Our next episode with CJ Cullen, Rich Lello and Hiram Ortiz in the house with Ming Chen and CJ’s cousin Eileen Cowley who is one of the creators of Silly McGilly which is a great gift, book and toy to have for your children during St. Patrick’s Day

Episode 6 3/7/2018 (Recorded 3/6/2018)
Hiram Ortiz and Brian Kopack prepare for the upcoming HOTYS Film Festival and answer some frequently asked qustions. Ming Chen fills in for CJ Cullen

Episode 5 2/27/2018 ((Recorded 2/27/2018)
Tonight’s episode features 2 special guests in the studio – Emmy award-winning film director Eddie Frente and actress Raiana Paige. They will have 2 short films playing at our fest in April.

Episode 4 2/13/2018 (Recorded 2/13/2018)
The Hang Onto Your Shorts crew is fully in house tonight. We are joined by actor and filmmaker Michael Robert Anderson who has the film Major Key playing in the festival this April 22.

Episode 3 1/31/2018 (Recorded 1/30/2018)
CJ, Brian and Hiram are back at it for another episode. This time they are joined in the studio by filmmaker Mark Clauburg an alumni and an award winner from the festival from past seasons.

Episode 2 1/18/2018 (Recorded 1/18/2018)
CJ, Brian and Hiram are back to talk about filmmakers, films and the upcoming festival. They interview director, actor and photographer Dennis Cahlo about his new short film Death and Disco Fries.

Episode 1 1/11/2018 (Recorded 1/11/2018)
CJ Cullen and Scott Churchson talk about film, life and running a shorts film festival in Asbury Park, NJ

Episode 0 1/9/2018 (Recorded 1/9/2018)
Pilot “Podcasting class” episode! CJ Cullen, Brian Kopack, Hiram Ortiz and JT Maguire talk about the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Fest in Asbury Park, taking place this year Apr 21-22, 2018