About Us

The Crew

We are Rich Lello, Hiram Ortiz, and Brian Kopack. Three Jersey boys who enjoy going to events at the Jersey Shore.  After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, our beloved Jersey Shore took a hit, both structurally and economically. Many people came together to help rebuild our boardwalks, homes, and infrastructure.

Despite the efforts, many artistic events and film festivals left the area.  We all work in the entertainment industry in some form, and we dabble in the art of film making. Our love and appreciation of film and art compelled us to try to bring back film festivals to the Jersey Shore. 

We decided to create a small, intimate short film festival in iconic and historic Asbury Park, New Jersey. With the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival, we aim to celebrate those artists that aspire and create short films. 

Over the years, we have worked hard to create a fun, family-friendly atmosphere without pretense, and where the films and their artistic creators are the star. Brian “BK” Kopack, Rich “Mellow” Lello, and now, Hiram Ortiz, welcome you to the best little festival at the Jersey Shore, the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival, now entering its seventh year!

Hiram, little AJ, and Stevie!

Cullen, Kopack and Lello with 2015 Festival Host, actor from Clerks Brian O’Halloran.