Jersey Shore Arts Center (Old Neptune High School) (66 South Main Street) Saturday, April 21st

12:05pm-1:22pm Student Films
Ant (0:37) Director Zhongwen Hu
Red Bank Scenes (0:51)
Run (0:45)
That Little Voice (1:13) Director Alex Lehotsky
Quasi (1:00)
Saturn Returns (2:17) Director Julia M. Picozzi
Stages (2:21) Director Julia M. Picozzi
Muscle Memory (1:20) Director Flo Miles (France)
The Chase (1:55)
Conversations (2:01) Director Lillian Stromberg
Subconscious Paranoia (1:58)
Stop Bullying
Rules to Follow (1:09)
Tick-Tock (3:24) Director Keegan Tindall
Wine (4:55)
Parallax Dreams (6:00) Director John Tuohy
Detention (2:46) Director Garret Ballinger, Keegan Tindall
Potassium (2:00) Director Jolene Gianone, Daniela Vargas, Zack Jenkins, Jessica Guglielmi
Un-Reality (5:00) Director Sage Levine
All Dolls Fall in Love (2:00) Director Patsy Buckley, Sarah Guthrie, Cree Ossner, Chris Lotito, Hunter Campbell
Test Drive (4:00) Director Nina Abate-Maddy Brand-Camryn Voehl-Brian Del Rio
Trip (5:00) Director Jackson Healey
Sweet-Ish Fish (4:04) Director Toria Pater, Courtney Voehl, Olivia Parauda, Colleen Kelly, Mitose McHugh, Keeley Giblin
Dark Red (4:00) Director Courtney Voehl, Quinn Mott, Ryan Foreback
Day Dream Journal (2:30) Director Vic Pater, Mitchell Hahn. Charlie Falotico, Julia Raisley
Snip (3:30) Director Keeley Giblin
Kebabbed (2:00) Director Leah Bohner, Claire Harrington, Lauren Palmadesso, Samantha Vuotto, Kelsey O’Keefe
Pooh (2:23) Director Maddy Brand, Nina Abate, Matt Cozzi, Zach Jenkins
Drip (3:14) Director Maria Dragone
Need a Hand? (2:35) Director Stephen V. Plekan
NightGuard (4:23) Director Christian Lagalante
Freedom (3:05) Director Jaylin Pressley
Connected (3:35) Director Victor Petrov
Boy and (3:16) Director Max Iacovelli
Almost Free (3:57) Director Prasad Salatchi
Black and White (2:22) Director Chris Dzerovych
Grief (5:00) Director Roman Sotelo
Little Deaths (5:02) Director Hui Huang
His First Time (6:17) Director Angel Violet (Canada)
Jack Magic (9:44) Director Sam Block
Mother of the Year (15:50) Director Makena Costlow
Prude (9:41) Director Devyn Grassia
As It Seems (19:29) Director Nancy Menagh
The Flag that Killed Lincoln (7:00) Director Michael Rabb
5 Minutes (3:40) Director Aaron V. Argomido
Decision (6:01) Director Jaylin Pressley
40 Bucks (5:31) Director Amy Quick Parrish
Notification (7:00) Director Joe DeVito III
43 Quintillion (4:58) Director Kylie Eaton
Rumblings (2:17) Director J. Hanna
Transport (4:00) Director J. Hanna
The Wait (12:03) Director Nidhi Kathuria
The Codependent Therapist (9:23) Director Tommy McInnis
The Origami Gate (15:26) Director Jeffrey Kraynak
Green Shoes (20:00) Director Justin Giegerich
Shadowstar Returns (21:00) Director James McKenzie
Filling In (22:00) Director Bradley Hawkins
The Pooka (14:30) Director Luke Boyce

Porta (911 Kingsley St)

Sunday, April 22nd
Social Media Duel (2:02) Director Brendan Kelly (Australia)
We Are Friends (8:46) Director Charles Mandracchia
Graffiti Woman: The Beginning (5:13) Director Pat Katz
The Pirate Cruncher (9:58) Director Paul Connor
Prep Talk (8:02) Director Michael Wagner, Susan Lehman
Whitney’s Wedding (6:30) Director John Lawson
Big Shot (9:00) Director Bob Pusateri
Secrets, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film (9:55) Director Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
The Drive (7:07) Director Corinne Kassor
The Talk (12:05) Director Tyler Boyco (Canada)
Spark Plug Cowboys (16:46) Director S. Kramer Herzog, L. Marcel
Political Corruption USA (10:00) Director Joey Rullo
Not for Sale (10:52) Director Johnny Cannizzaro, John Schneider
Ma Belle Ami (9:55) Director Dennis Maragliano
Family, Inc. (17:47) Director William Meade
The Tragedy of Sal (9:57) Director Jeffrey Sutton
Lou (6:28) Director Miguel Garzón Martinez
Based On True Events (14:15) Director Humberto Guzman
Among the Stars (15:40) Director Jack VanderToll, Michelle Elise Harding
Last to Fall (19:00) Director Paul Mendoza
Teufel (9:01) Director Miguel Garzón Martinez
The Final Cut (1:00) Director Larry Rosen
You’re Not Alone (1:00) Director Larry Rosen
Too Late (2:00) Director Larry Rosen
In the Blood (6:15) Director Joey Mosca
Save (3:54) Director Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Spain)
Alleged (14:00) Director Heather Fink
Resistance (4:59) Director Jack Skyyler, Jon Russell Cring, Beth Konrad Brown
Mannequin (10:14) Director Dante Aubain, Danny Summonte
16 Mins (16:00) Director Stephane Verzi
4:44am (5:15) Director Francesco Nuzzi
Evil is Here (5:50) Director Jennifer Marie
Dead Color (14:09) Director Paul-Anthony Navarro
Photokill (19:21) Director Lance J. Reha
Beneath (9:54) Director Lindsay Serrano
The Twisted Doll (7:49) Director Andrew de Burgh
No Clue (4:24) Director Larry Rosen
Lonely Girl (3:05) Director Larry Rosen
33 Years (15:22) Director Ryan Reid
The Pleasure of Being Served (15:00) Director Michael Manese
Garbaggio (18:02) Director Michael Irgang
Like Me (14:46) Director LJ Strong
Punchline (14:40) Director Joseph Robert Redl
The X Job (14:00) Director Gerard A. Mendez
Fruit Bat II (4:57) Director Alex J. Murphy
The Reunion (15:00) Director Danny Diaz
Healing Heroes (10:00) Director Christopher Orangeo
Bad Romance (16:00) Director Maurice Paramore
The Waiting Room (12:08) Director Debra Markowitz
The Choice (24:48) Director Debra Markowitz
Joe (20:00) Director Kaye Tuckerman

House of Independents (572 Cookman Avenue) Sunday, April 22nd

Taking Flight (2:13) Director Vinny Randazzo
Reincarnation (4:14) Director Dan Bricker
Death of Love (9:55) Director Larry Rosen
The Question (7:25) Director Larry Rosen
My Hero (8:35) Director Loring Murtha
Last Call (6:43) Director Eddie Frente
Thurman Comes Home (8:07) Director Bruce Gorman
Vigilantes (12:16) Director Alexa Mercado, Michael Mastrangelo
Therapy, Bro (20:00) Director John Hedlund
The Mystery Gang (9:46) Director Eric J. Carlson
Swiped Right (21:41) Director Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
High Deny (8:10) Director Miguel Garzón Martínez
Wedding Season (12:07) Director Carly Otte
The Muse (11:00) Director Eddie Frente
Uneffable (11:20) Director Courtni Saizon
Legit (15:00) Director Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Thomas Kohut
Ghosts of NY (6:30) Director Brad Robinson
Youth (16:59) Director Brett Marty
Major Key (24:58) Director Michael Robert Anderson
The Last Visit (19:00) Director Mark Clauburg
The Spilling (8:58) Director Linda Yellen
Please Read (12:48) Director Jennifer Marie
St. Joseph (24:37) Director Kathrina Miccio
The Tug (1:20) Director Nicholas Barker (Australia)
Stowaway (5:00) Director Kenneth Anderson
All About Rita (3:55) Director Guy Chachkes
Shyft (5:47) Director Jennifer Plotzke
Taken in the Night (5:00) Director Larry Rosen
Chivalry (4:40) Director Jono Freedrix
SeaLand Cares! (2:29) Director Cara Brown
Bruce (4:00) Director Irhad Mutic
Girlfriends Past (7:50) Director Larry Rosen
Subway Platform Before the End of the World (13:00) Director Graham Litten
Convention (14:07) Director Dan Nastro
Death (And Disco Fries) (10:18) Director Dennis Cahlo
Monsters Anonymous (20:43) Director Jeremy London