2018 Nominees and Award Winners
Awards to be given out at Gala at Porta (911 Kingsley Street)

Best Actor in a Comedy
WINNER Brian O’Halloran for Monsters Anonymous
Anthony Grasso for Swiped Right
Marty Lindsey for The Reunion
Dante Giannetta for Punchline
Brett Epstein for Sealand Cares
Loring Murtha or My Hero
Patch David for Convention

Best Actor-Medium Short
WINNER Jack Mulcahy for Subway Platform
George Maguire for Youth
Justin Ivan Brown for Family Inc
Jim Thalman for 16 Minutes
Chris Sullivan for The Pooka
David Hilfstein for Legit
Dominic King for Bad Romance

Best Actor-Long
WINNER Michael Robert Anderson for Major Key
Moses Massena for Shadowstar Returns
Mike Funk for Photokill
Randall Rodriguez for Last to Fall
Ciaran Sheehan for The Choice
J.J. Phillips for Joe
Jared Odrick for Filling In

Best Supporting Actor
WINNER Garry Pastore for Therapy, Bro
Kenneth McGregor for The X Job
Mark MacRae for The Talk
Brent Bruckner for For Family Inc
Ciarán Sheehan for The Waiting Room
Nick Sakai for Uneffable
Drew Maniscalco for Photokill
Thomas Randolph for Bad Romance

Best Actress in a Comedy
Kathrina Miccio for St. Joseph
WINNER Lydia Fiore for Swiped Right
Maya Claridge for The Reunion
Rew Starr for Garbaggio
Sheenan Cole for Monsters Anonymous
Gillien Goll for Vigilantes
Brooke Hoover for Shyft

Best Actress-Medium Short
Jessica Stroup for Youth
Julia Whelan for Ghosts of NY
Amanda Bear for Like Me
WINNER Jennifer Jiles for The Waiting Room
Laura Dowling Shea for the Spilling
Kim Paris for 33 Years
Jamie Brewer for Whitney’s Wedding

Best Actress-Long Short
Bethany Nicole Taylor for Joe
Sabrina Matarazzo for Major Key
WINNER Jessica Ryan for Green Shoes
Jennifer Jiles for The Choice
Alexis Lariviere for the Last Visit
Heather Brittain O’Scanlon for As It Seems
Lauren A. Kennedy for Photokill

Best Supporting Actress
Cole Johnston for As It Seems
Victoria Guthrie for The Origami Gate
Yesi Rodriguez for No Clue
WINNER Bethany Nicole Taylor for The Question
Angelita Esperanza for The Pleasure of Being Served
Caitlin McHugh for Alleged
Angela Pietropinto for St. Joseph
Stephanie Weppler for For Swiped Right

Best Director Comedy
Jeremy London for Monsters Anonymous
John Hedlund for Therapy, Bro
Miguel Garzon Martinez for Teufel
Heather Fink for Alleged
WINNER Michael Irgang for Garbaggio
Jono Freedrix for Chivalry
Irhad Mutic for Bruce

Best Director-Medium Short
Larry Rosen-The Question
Brad Robinson-Ghost of New York
Michael Manese-The Pleasure of Being Served
Eddie Frente-The Muse
WINNER The Waiting Room-Debra Markowitz
Maurice Paramore-Bad Romance
Bruce Gorman-Thurman Comes Home

Best Director-Long Short
Justin Giegerich for Green Shoes
Debra Markowitz for The Choice
James McKenzie for Stadowstar Returns
Bradley Hawkins for Filling In
Kaye Tuckerman for Joe
WINNER Mark Clauburg for The Last Visit
Michael Robert Anderson for Major Key

First Time Director
Tommy McInnis for The Codependent Therapist
Joey Rullo for Political Corruption USA
Larry Strong for Like Me
Nancy Menagh for As It Seems
Ryan Reid for 33 Years
WINNER Lindsay Serrano for Beneath
Johnny Cannizzaro for Not For Sale

Best Horror
16 Minutes
Dead Color
WINNER Photokill
In the Blood

Best Animation/Stop Motion
WINNER We are Friends
Graffiti Woman: The Beginning
The Pirate Cruncher
Day Dream Journal
Muscle Memory

Best Comedy
Monsters Anonymous
WINNER St. Joseph
The Talk
The Wedding Season
Swiped Right
High Deny

Best Medium Short
Among the Stars
WINNER The Spilling
Subway Platform Before the End of the World
The Waiting Room
16 Minutes
Bad Romance
The Origami Gate

Best Long Short
Green Shoes
Major Key
The Choice
WINNER Shadowstar Returns
As It Seems
The Last Visit
Filling In
Last to Fall

Best Short Short
The Question
Thurman Comes Home
Whitney’s Wedding
WINNER Ghost of New York
Last Call

Best Micro Short- Original Idea
The Tug
All About Rita
Taken in the Night
You’re Not Alone
Fruit Bat 11
Sealand Cares

Best Experimental
Lonely Girl
WINNER Resistance
Ma Belle Ami
Secrets, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film
The Flag that Killed Lincoln
Taking Flight

Best Concept
Spark Plug Cowboys
Please Read
The Mystery Gang
The X-Job
Big Shots

Best Ensemble
The Waiting Room
WINNER Monsters Anonymous
Wedding Season
Death of Love
The Spilling
Whitney’s Wedding
Healing Heroes

Best Cinematography
Shadowstar Returns
Ghost of NY
WINNER 16 Minutes
The Pooka
Please Read
Last Call

Best NJ Comedy
WINNER Therapy, Bro
St. Joseph
The Tragedy of Sal
Healing Heroes

Best NJ Drama
Bad Romance
Secrets, A Coming of Age Selfie Film
WINNER Green Shoes
The Last Visit
Not for Sale
Death of Love
Based on True Events

Best Unproduced Script
The Romantic Scene Writer Jagan Badvel
Conversations at 35,00 Feet Writer Lori Kay Allred
Rock, Paper, Sister Writer Dan Tomasulo
Joye Writer Rhoda Demchak
The Ghost Collector Writer LeAnn Barna
New Hollywood Writer Rob Weinstein
The Back End Writer Daniel Gessner
Virtually Fine Writer Gil Saint
WINNER Layers Writer Tom Bragg
Leaving Malcolm Writer Annemarie Bettica

Rising Star Award
Sabrina Matarazzo

NJ Honorary Filmmaker Award
Maurice Paramore

NJ Honorary Award of The Arts in Entertainment Award
Rob Acampora


Best Actor
Jake Edelstein for Almost Free
WINNER Jack O’Connell for Boy And
Bobby Digenova for Trip
Connor Daniels for Tick-Tock
Kabe Park for Nightguard
Alex Ryder for Connected

Best Actress
Juliet Scleza for Detention
WINNER Julia Sims for Prude
Clio Contogenis for Jack Magic
Oliva Parauda for Sweet-ish Fish
Corey Tazmania for Almost Free
Elle Shaw for Mother of the Year

Best Short High School
Stop Bullying!
Parallax Dreams

Best Short High School-Comedy
WINNER Detention
Sweet-ish Fish

Best Experimental HS
That Little Voice
Saturn Returns
WINNER Parallax Dreams
Day Dream Journal
Dark Red

Best Short College
WINNER Jack Magic
Mother of the Year
Almost Free
His First Time


Best Experimental-College
Little Death
Boy and
WINNER Black and White

Rising Star Award (Student Filmmaker)
Julia Picozzi