Mission Statement



Festival Directors C.J. Cullen, Brian Kopchak and Rich Lello with award winning director Maurice Paramore.

Chris J. Cullen, Rich Lello and Brian Kopack are three Jersey boys who enjoy going to events on the Jersey Shore.  After Hurricane Sandy in 2011, the shore was hit very hard and many people came together to help rebuild the shore.

Though many artistic events and film festivals have left the area.  We all work in the entertainment industry in some form and we all love the art of film making.  We want to bring back film festivals to the Jersey Shore and also celebrate those who are trying to break into the industry with the Short Film.

Cullen and Kopchak with 2016 Fesitival Hosts, stars of AMC’s Comic Book Men and podcasters, Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic.

We decided to create a small intimate short film festival in the amazing area of Asbury Park, NJ to start our festival.  Now entering its fourth year, the “Hang onto Your Shorts” Film Festival.





Cullen, Kopchak and Lello with 2015 Festival Host, actor from Clerks Brian O’Halloran.