2022 Festival Schedule


THE SHOWROOM CINEMA –  707 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park New Jersey 

  • THEATRE ONE – Block #1 (10:30 AM to 12:30 PM)

Billy (12:56) Dir. Jack Saxon, Feat – Trey Guinn, Reese Ravencraft: An obsessive professor experiences a series of tragic events

Gratia (10:38) Dir. Michael Gaskin, Feat. Amelia Ryan, Terasa Sciortino: A down-on-her-luck healthcare worker finds an unlikely ally in her cranky patient. 

Where’s the Will (13:27) Dir. Paul Ladicano: When father dies, the children convene to discuss his will. What could possibly go wrong?

I Mustache You (13:35) Dir. & Feat. Shara Ashley Zeiger: A woman with social anxiety, OCD, and agoraphobic tendencies receives an invitation to love and self-acceptance.

Wicked Image (8:48) Dir. Caitlin Scherer, Feat. Heather B. O’Scanlon, Amanda Leigh Corbett, Jessica Sherr: Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil attempt to rehabilitate their images.

Sunrise (10:57) Dir. Luis Ramos: Julian, is alone, with no money. What does the future hold? Where will he go? 

Wonderland (6:43) Dir. Padrick Ritch: A young woman makes one last trip to the beach before leaving town.

What Happens to Roadkill (2:52) Dir. Joshua Gaestel, Feat. Tracy Grammer, Ryan Arnold: A park employee recalls a traumatic encounter.

I Am the Candidate (2:54) Dir. George Ohan, Feat. Joseph Eual: Political Satire

Breaking and Entering (29:46) Dir. Michael W. Hogan, Feat. Kiri Hartig: A woman’s conflicted life and questionable choices culminates with an autopsy-like introspective journey when she finds herself locked in a morgue.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE ONEBlock #2 (12:50 PM to 2:15 PM)

Self-Serve (7:08) Dir. Page Peter Wilson, Feat. John Arnond: A man has a conversation with multiple versions of his psyche.

Turf Valley (6:32) Dir. Adam Rodgers, Writer. Thomas Ventimiglia: Three stay-at-home dads ponder life’s “big” questions.

Cruel and Unusual Therapy Too (11:47) Written, Directed, and Starring Gina Marie Rodriguez, Feat. Jennings Brower: Lianne Martinez struggles with erotic transference – an attraction to her therapist.

Young Love in a Dirty Place (3:45) Dir. Reinis Spaile, Feat. Nikola Abola, Tomass Piternieks: A girl explores multiple ways to save her first relationship crisis.

Fantasy of Companionship Between Human & Inanimate (14:57) Dir. Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz, Tan: The story about the future of companionship between human and inanimate.

The End (3:04) Written & Dir. Tim Birkhofer: Exploring a couple’s lifelong love story, its milestones, ups and downs. Moving!

GAYDREAM (7:22) Dir. Brandon L. Wilson, Feat. Seth Dunlap, Tracy DeCresie: A young man seeks the support of his outgoing lesbian roommate while trying to come out to his conservative mother.

Post No Bills (18:32) Dir. Francis Maxwell, Feat. Salvador Perez Garcia, Rachel McPeek: A late night encounter in Bed-Stuy during a blackout, leads to a profound connection between two workers.

When It All Goes Down (4:15) Dir. Vin Scialla, Peter Samuel: Busker musician meets Cabby in disguise.

Good Men (7:22) Dir. Julius B. Kelly, Feat. Stan J. Adams, Vincent Ticali, Omar Torres, & Sidiki Fofana: Three men find themselves in a fateful position.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE ONEBlock #3 (2:30 PM to 4:20 PM)

Compel (17:13) Dir. Patrick Coleman Duncan, Feat. Jessica Rothert, Travis Stanberry, Patrick Coleman Duncan: A one-night stand goes horribly wrong…Or does it?

Purrrfect Intervention (8:50) Dir. Juhi Sharma,Writer – Kisha Pert: Sarah loves cats, but her friends think she has taken it a little far. What happens when they seek outside help?

In a Whole New Way (31:06) Dir. Jonathan Fisher: Supported by neighborhood allies, people of color set out to reform the broken system of Probation. Documentary.

Fig Jam (21:35) Dir. Frank J. Avella, Feat. Carlotta Brentan, Alex Haynes: While on lockdown, Brenda invites Teddy over for a late-night “hookup”. Will carnal lust or fear win out?

Greetings from Sarajevo (9:50) Dir. Melissa Skirboll, Feat. Kathryn Kates, Dina Manganaris, and Liam Mitchell: Sofia, a survivor of the Bosnian genocide, runs into one of the soldiers who destroyed her world and seeks retribution.

My Friends the Plants (9:54) Written, directed, and starring Christine Celozzi: Horror mockumentary depicting an awkward woman’s difficulty being familiar with vampire plants.

The Della Morte Sisters (17:50) Dir. Bill Sorvino: A recent death in the family reunites three sisters. A discovery about their past changes all they thought they knew about each other and family.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE ONEBlock #4 (2:30 PM to 4:20 PM)

The Weird Bird and Stout Gnome Show (20:59) Dir. Amelia Boscov & Saunder Boyle: Web Series about two roommates, Bird & Gnome, and their not-so-normal everyday problems.

Outcry (26:00) Dir. P.M. Lipscomb, Feat. Mike Starr, Tara Macri, Dashiell Connery: On the anniversary of the first meeting with his late wife, an aging man shares honest truths & revelations with dishonest strangers.

Vitriol (25:00) Dir. Mark Clauburg: A short documentary that explores vehement social media interactions from both sides of the political spectrum. 

Conductor (23:50) Dir. Royce Leii: Fernando returns to his homeland, hoping to reconnect his young family to their roots. When confronted with the dark reality of his beloved home, he wonders if he made a mistake.

HoneyDough (9:56) Written, Directed, and acted by Jillian Vitko, Feat. Jamie Craib: Spending the evening alone, a woman decided to bake-up a Valentine date.


THE SHOWROOM CINEMA –  707 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park New Jersey 

  • THEATRE TWO – Block #1 (10:55 AM to 12:40 PM)

We’re Good (3:00) Dir. Larry Rosen, Feat. Chris Cullen, Katie Leffen, & Mike Vezza: A struggling couple has an animated conversation about their future.

In Crypto (5:50) Dir. Amy Quick Parrish, Feat. Deb LeClair, Robert Parrish: A woman receives a call from a kidnapper demanding cryptocurrency in exchange for her grandson.

Hide and Seek (7:38) Dir. Laura Acero: A young woman submerges herself in her art, when two intruders break into her place. Will the game of “hide and seek”help her emerge from her shell?

Black Collar (11:07) Dir. Gwenyth Rogers: Kidnappers bicker while their captive executes her game of cat and mouse.

Chocolet (5:00) Written & directed by Lazlo Lakatos: Seven year-old Lacika has homework. He has to write an essay about what makes his family special.

The Last Vance (34:48) Dir. Jarrell Hilton: Amidst the backdrop of a pandemic and nationwide social unrest, the players of Vance High School strap-on their helmets to play one last season as the “Vance Cougars”.

“Surf’s Up” by Play Date (2:31) Dir. Peter Bune: Music video.

A Journey to the Moon (2:30) Written & Directed by Jack Getschman: Two little mice build a rocket ship to the moon. Why? For the cheese, of course!

ACEDIA (15:48) Dir. George Carrillo, Feat. Louis Bacigalupo, Soraia Sciccitano, Rebecca Eve: After being frozen by fear of failure, a young man’s marriage is pushed to the breaking point.

Encased (12:39) Written & Directed by Pablo Herrero: Hope disappears into the same box where humanity’s greatest evils reside. Three entities unite to recover it.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE TWO – Block #2  (12:55 AM to 2:15 PM)

Siphon (8:00) Written by Veronica Small, feat. Gracemaria Serafina, Lisa Ross, Donovan Williams: Clients come to psychiatrist Linda to treat and confront their unforgivable depravity. They get more than they bargained for.

Breathing Room (7:46) Dir. Jeffrey Delano Davis, Prod. Maria Davis: A searing portrait of a nursing home brought to its breaking point by Covid.

“SnakeBite” by Julian Brooks (6:00) Dir. Tim Cash, Erie Adina: Fast-paced and epic musical battle between good & evil.

Tethered (2:12) Director Gaia Alari, and writer James Morehead team up to bring the poem “Tethered” to life.

Zack: The Movie (5:00) Dir. Bob Finkelstein: Neglected in a house while his owner sleeps, Zack yearns for freedom in the world that’s just outside his window.

Swipe (5:21) Dir. Anthony Sneed, Feat. Nick Hunter, & Lorenzo Rodriguez: A teenage delinquent learns a valuable lesson about growing up.

Buddy Mills (20:20) Dir. Matt Provenzano, Feat. Charles Sullivan & Michael Robert Anderson: A disgraced comedian gets his awards repossessed.

Broadcast My Ass (19:00) Dir. Marik Roeder: Timmy and friends seek Youtube fame so they can escape their dull village life.

“DDD” by Eric Unusual (2:56) Texas-based artist Eric Unusual tells the story of a man seeking redemption, but unwilling to change his ways.

Spoiler Alert (10:53) Dir. Jes Vasquez: Two best friends, a night of binge-watching, and one intruder.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE TWO – Block #3  (2:30 PM to 4:20 PM)

Cameo (12:50) Dir. Ryan G. Kelly: A graduate student questions reality after she receives a mysterious necklace.

Hunting Bears (35:00) Dir. Matthew Robert Vinci, Feat. Connor Dylan, Ian K.Ritter, Kathryn Milewski: After a series of gruesome murders, a hunter and a detective team up to hunt down the culprit.

Dichos (4:00) Dir. Mary Angelica Molina: A comedy web series about Latin American expressions.

June (14:54) Dir. Dwayne Cameron: Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor, and attempt to deal with the mundane as their world disintegrates.

Ghost Girl (12:00) Dir. Paavo Hanninen, Feat. Jamie Neumann, Sepideh Moafi: A new opportunity reveals a long-festering difference between two longtime collaborators.

I Don’t Know Joe (5:30) Dir. Joe Fernandes: Joe is searching for answers to his problems, but will he listen?

After After Behind The Mask (5:31) Dir. Catherine Boruch: Catherine travels across New York City gathering interviews about the state of the pandemic.

Couple of Guys (21:16) Dir. Debra Markowitz, Feat. Lukas Hassel, Sal Rendino: A newly divorced attorney on the verge of coming out meets a flirtatious rocker ina record store.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE TWO – Block #4  (4:35 PM to 7:00 PM)

Divertimento (30:00) Dir. Keyvan Sheikhalishahi: Kellan Lutz portrays Jonas Olsen, a chess player haunted by a tragic past, who is invited to participate in a mysterious game.

(AB) Normal (12:38) Dir. Miguel Parra: Leo, Juan, David, & Lucio cross paths at a gym locker room. Four ways to understand masculinity.

Swiped (13:41) Dir. Billy Kay, Written by Lauren Terilli: Two wifi-crossed strangers try to make an online love connection,  but one unwittingly becomes the leading man in the other’s bizarre digital daydream.

VAL (15:17) Dir. Ursula Monteiro & Bruno Sabongi: Valeria’s life is upended by the appearance of her convicted ex-boyfriend.

Letters From Bobeyan (19:52) Dir. Stephen Paul Cooke: Fictional story based on historical events of 24th of June 1850 in the Bobeyan Valley Australia.

Romance (11:57) Dir. Giorgi Tkemaladze: Twenty year-old Henry is studying Georgian folk music. His strange habit of singing in the park at night lands him in hot water.

On the Table (15:00) Dir. Diana Arnold & Nicholas Canfield: Diana Arnold guides us through hilarious customer interactions.

Something Borrowed (15:32) Dir. Danny Donnelly: The friends go to the shore for a girls weekend. When a fun idea goes awry, chaos ensues.

PORTA ASBURY PARK –  911 Kingsley Street, 

Asbury Park New Jersey 

  • Porta Block #1 (10:30 AM to 11:50 AM)

Miracle Baby (18:52) Dir. Michelle Bossy, Feat. Nancy Nagrant, Steven Kunken: Congressman’s wife discovers that her husband has been cheating on her. 

Dinner Therapy (6:17) Dir. Laura Daniel, Feat. Kate Greer, Wayne Henry, and Trent V. Stone: In the midst of a pandemic, a New York City therapist is forced to hold her sessions outside.

Small World (3:00) Dir. Jim Ford, Feat. Hannah Sloat: Two strangers meet in a faraway land and realize they are from the same town.

The Chain (3:25) Dir. Will Martinko, Writer Eric Campbell: A young thief confronts his boss after a heist goes horribly wrong. 

View Finder (15:43) Dir. Dylan Lloyd: A 25 year-old photographer begins living in his van as the quarantine hits Los Angeles.

“Ancient Lover” by Banji & Mayuri (4:45) Second installment of their music video series, this video explores their origin story,

Boogeymen (8:00) Dir. Devin TRASH Manson: Hollywood icon James Dean spends his day on a rollicking Chaplin-like adventure with fellow celebrity of note…Bigfoot!

One Shot (9:27) Dir. Julius B. Kelly, Feat. Stan J. Adams, Stacey Giambastiani, & Sidiki Fofana: All his life, Kenny has been scared to stand up for all he believes…until he meets Rosie!

Kathy with a “K” (3:13) Dir. Michael Carnes, Feat. Candace Kirkpatrick, Tina Gallo: When two “Karens” collide, sparks fly. This return policy is about to get messy!


  • Porta Block #2 (12:00 PM to 1:35 PM)

A Boat Time (3:24) Dir. Jim Ford, Feat. John Mason: A fisherman is alone on his boat enjoying the perfect day until ship happens.

“Eleanor Rigby” by Erin Hill (3:55) Rock n’ Roll harpist & singer Erin Hills reimagines The Beatles’ masterpiece.

Dentists (10:59) Dir. Paradox Delilah, Feat. Sari Mercer, Greg Delmage, & Andrew Francis: A struggling actress pretends to be a dentist one night while out drinking, and accidentally hooks up with a real dentist.

Milk (5:00) Dir. Celia Jaspers, Feat. Charlotte Jaspers, Frank Edwards, & Christy-Anne Sullivan: When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.

Moving Forward (13:40) Dir. Montana Rock: Documentary that follows a non-profit organization whose mission is to erase the stigma of suicide, and raise awareness of mental illness.

Pillow Fight (2:12) Dir. Hunter Hopewell, Feat. Phoebe McCorkle: A couple’s dispute over a decorative pillow gets out of hand. 

On/Off (7:00) Dir. Nicolas Villareal: Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

The Bullet (8:00) Dir. Tyrell Jason, Chase Brown: Abel relives his brother’s death through therapy, and admits to feeling an urge for vengeance.

Innocent Chat (22:59) Dir. Rajiv Mallick, Feat. Rich Henkel, Emma Bidic: A childless, married man is drawn to an online chat with a younger woman.

Crimson (16:30) Dir. Keerian Flammang, Feat. Audrey San Lucas, Emilio Farhat, and Sebastien Gill: After losing her only child, Rose must learn to live again. Will the son fulfill the promise he made to his mother?

Momma, Don’t Go (5:32) Dir. Rafael De Leon, Jr. Feat. Julia Tolchin, Leanne Watson: A mother and daughter struggle to survive a deadly home invasion.


  • Porta Block #3 (1:45 PM to 4:20 PM)

Across the Bar (20:20) Dir. Joseph Borzotta: People confess to their priest…or their bartender. Three souls tell their tales on a quiet night at the Jersey Shore.

The Dina Brickle Show (37:20) Dir. Luisa Rueckert, Feat. Christopher Schuechert, and Julie Smith: The tale of a good-natured, off-beat elementary school theatre teacher.

Greaseballs (15:12) Dir. Jackson Mirmina: Mafia grunt Mario Angelo whacks a fellow member, and then begins to understand just how absurd organized crime truly is.

Vax (30:50) Dir. Chris Cacciopi: Tongue-in-cheek mockumentary about the various justifications from those who opted out of the vaccines.

Or the Story Goes: Knock Knock Ep. 3 (12:39) Dir. Theresa Labregio: After his father’s death, Jack goes to extremes to provide for his family. Now unexpected visitors came to reclaim what was stolen from them.

Waiting at Newkirk Avenue (29:09) Dir. Mike Burdick, Feat. Jonathan Fishman, and Shiva Kiani: As Holly, and fellow hitman Benny discuss their intertwined past in a Brookly subway stop, the arrival of a mystery man could decide their fate.


  • Porta Block #4 (4:30 PM to 6:50 PM)

Human Telegraphs Season 1 (30:00) Dir. Kayla Conroy, Feat. Rachel Kay Barclay, Fern Lim: Three women launch a message delivery service, and get more than they bargained for. 

Absence (13:22) Dir. Richard Marx: Something is calling out to Lena. Her life is changing abruptly after a terrible event.

The Proposal (29:16) Dir. Theo Coumbis, Feat. Kenneth Puna Matepi, Olga Kalashnikova: Anton Checkhov’s masterpiece about a bumbling young man’s courtship with his neighbor.

Antique Heroes (14:03) Dir. Caroline McQuade, Feat. Fletcher Kennedy, Julia Wilson, & Rubin Royce Queree: An alcoholic comedian and her 10 year-old nephew discover that anyone can be a hero…with the right theme song.

Red Chili Please (13:34) Dir. Haocheng Zhang, Feat. Shulin Han, Haoyu Tian: Food vlogger Anna loses her senses of smell and taste, and her ex-boyfriend is back in town. She must find a way to rebalance her life.

Bouncing Souls: Stoked for Summer (26:49) Dir. Peter Bune: Follows The Bouncing Souls as they celebrate 30 years as a band, and prepare for their “Stoked for the Summer” show in Asbury Park.

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