2020 Festival Student Award Nominees and Winners

Awards To Be Given Out In Live Stream Room Friday September 11th, at 8:30pm (est)

Best Actor-High School
Chase Bolnick for The Jingle
Max Cusson for Voices
Chase Bolnick for Escape
WINNER Russel Palmieri for Scary Christmas
Jeff Alcade for The Term Paper
Michael Manheimer for The Advisory Club

Best Actress-High School
Farrah Grubman for Runaway
WINNER Chloe Lang for Harper’s First Kiss
Arissa Page For Desperate, Anything Helps!
Rachel Giuffrida for Do Me Right/Wrong
Marissa Harding for 11:11
Mackenzie Koedding for Just Around the Corner

Best Director-High School
Haley Pine for Harper’s First Kiss
Chase Bolnick for The Jingle
Michelle Tang for Runaway
Victoria Gomez, Pierce Gomez for Dancers that Inspire
Max Cusson for Voices
WINNER Yazemin Yilmaz for the Advisory Club

Best Short-High School
WINNER Harper’s First Kiss
The Jingle
Till Death Do Us Part
The Term Paper

Best Short Comedy-High School
Desperate, Anything Helps!
The Advisory Club
The Term Paper
Just Around the Corner
What Happened?

Best Cinematography-High School
Just Around the Corner
WINNER Season of Love
Tea Party
Harper’s First Kiss
The Advisory Club

Best Experimental Short-High School
Ambit of Hues
Season of Love
Four-Dimensional World
Tea Party
Banana Man

Best Concept-High School
The Term Paper
WINNER Till Death Do Us Part
Do Me Right/Wrong
Driving is not a Game
Season of Love

Best Animation-High School
You Reap What You Sow
WINNER Humanoid

Best Documentary-High School
WINNER Dancers that Inspire
The Mayor
American Youth
Empty Nest

Best Actor-College
WINNER Nick Viscovich for Down and Away
Parker Queenan for The Runaway
Kevin Hurley for The Right Brothers
Malik Uhuru for Build-A-Baby

Best Actress-College
Rachael Miles for Porcelain
Chelsea Sznaza for The Tip
WINNER Erika Wester for Build-A-Baby
Eloise Gordan for I’m On Fire
Emily Mervosh for Fried Eggs and Toast
Eve Brescia for Lonely Lines

Best Director-College
WINNER Wyatt Hall for The Runaway
Chelsea Laufer for Build-A-Baby
Rose Trimboli for I’m On Fire
Sara Prygocki for Porcelain
Brian Tracey for Down and Away
Johnny Cruz for Blessed are the Meek

Best Short-College
Blessed are the Meek
Fried Eggs and Toast
WINNER The Runaway
Down and Away
Build A Baby

Best Comedy-College
Blue Ford Ranger
WINNER The Right Brothers
K is for Kids’ TV Show

Best Cinematography-College
WINNER Porcelain
The Runaway
I’m On Fire
Crash Landing
Blue Ford Ranger
Fried Eggs and Toast

Best Concept- College
Crash Landing
Lonely Lines
WINNER I’m on Fire
K is for Kids’ TV Show
The Sleep in Between
The Tip

Best Animation-College
WINNER Dancer by the Sea