2019 Festival Lineup

Saturday, May 4th 2019
Jersey Shore Arts Center (Old Neptune High School)

66 S Main Street (Ocean Grove)

Room 1
High School 
What Would you Do? (1:56) Director Alex Lehotsky 
The Hunt (3:21) Director Alex Lehotsky 
Wandering (2:29) 
Friends Forever (1:32) Sophia Gross, Sophia Haber Brock, Sandie LiVolsi, Lauren Rubick 
The Box (1:44) 
Last Breathe  
TeenDrive365 Challenge: Like Dominoes  
The Letter (1:10) Director Ashley Kailas, Joanna Downing 
Balancing Act (2:52) 
The Journey (2:38) Director Sandie LiVolsi 
Pieces of Mosaic (2:00) Director Yazemin Yilmaz 
Beyond Dreamers (7:06) Director Yazemin Yilmaz 
Stay with Me (2:04) 
I Can’t Sleep Anymore (1:55) 
My World  
Serenity (0:53) Director Sandie LiVolsi 
Breathe (3:24) Director Emma Farkas, Michael Topper 
The Studio (8:40) 
The Complex (2:00) Director Riley Thomas Stewart 
After Dark  (2:11) Director Isaiah Gomez 
Inexpressibility (0:30) Director Melia Velez 
Void (1:33) Director Nidhi Patel, Maria Martinez 
Questbourne (1:38) Director Frank Gravagna  
Feel Like (2:25) Director Noah Perez 
Deception (2:17) Director Amanda Clark 
Phosphorescence (1:42) Emily Arce 

Second Set 
Iron Man vs Thanos (2:30) Director Jeff Alcade  
Contingency (2:22) Director Morgan Barth 
Rose of Jericho (3:42) Director Keeley Giblin, Courtney Voehl 
Transcended (2:16) Director Morgan Barth 
Alone at Last (4:30) Director Kie Antone  
Angela (3:30) Director Morgan Barth  
Chloe (4:30) Director Kelsey O’Keefe, Isabella Marvilla, Sean Fitzpatrick, Thomas Hernadzez   
Clown (3:30) Director Keeley Giblin 
Wanted (6:44) Director Isaiah Gomez 
Behind Bars (4:16) Director Naomi Perez, Aviel Bolesa, Victor Ferrer  
Grey World (6:00) Director Nico Struse, Brian Gross 
The Switch (4:56) 
Slay Bells (3:36) 
Seeing Double (3:59) 
Jeff the Halls (1:47) Director Jeff Alcade 

College Last Set
On Acting (6:24) Director Bianca Waechter 
A Tall Drink of Walter (5:10) Director Grace Soriano 
Subtext (10:55) Director Kathryn Milewski 
Feet (12:00) Director Lauren Loesberg 
I Have a Dream (5:00) Director Zhiwei Ou (United Kingdom) 
Alone Together (8:42) Director Colin Stewart 
Meeting Brown (10:00) Director Ana Lydia Monaco 
Headlock (9:18) Director Jacob Sussman 
Burglar Night (8:05) Director Chenyang Shu 
Reaching For The Andes (27:28) Director Neal Barenblat

Room 2
First Set 
Pity Party (1:40) 
A Box to Die For (2:09) Director William Wilusz 
Stuck in the Woods (4:28) Director Cameron Spector 
The Night Watchman (3:57) Director Sabine Linde 
Highway Tea (2:28) Director Milton Adamou 
Forgotten (6:50) Director Herb Cremer, Joe Cremer 
Regrets (16:00) Director Maurice Paramore 
Last Call (12:00) Director Tom Bentey 
A Night Like This (11:59) Director Frank Battaglia 
I Heart Yoga (7:00) Director Mathieu Abric 
Cog and Gear (20:21) Director Andrew Froening 

Second Set 
Reverie (7:11) Director Francisco Salazar, David Salazar 
Coincidence (7:55 Director Alan Cordoba-Diaz, Ronnetta Renay 
The Deliveryman (9:38) Director Mike Pelak  
Traveling Soldier (7:57) Director Andrew Trent Fleming, Lauren Cox 
Harmony (4:27) Director Rachel Navarro 
Sickness (8:00) Director Hamza Zaman 
Ring of Fire (12:12) Director Tracy Kleeman) 
Black n’ Blue (12:35) Director Julius B. Kelly 
Blackout (13:05) Director Stanton Hunter, Rob Ciano 
Little Did She Know (20:00) Director Christopher Orangeo 

Last Set 
Never Again (3:00) Director Larry Rosen 
Captain Spiff is Dead (8:39) Director Graham Bachman 
Ladies Lounge (9:15) Director Michelle Bossy 
Instafriends (9:58) Director Cathy Tang 
Sac De Merde (13:27) Director Greg Chwerchak 
The Son, The Father… (13:14) Director Lukas Hassel  
Want (17:48) Director John Gallagher 
Number 25 (4:45) Director Larry Rosen 
My Dying Sister (11:35) Director Aaron Hobson 
SAD (25:08) Director Kenneth John McGregor
A Beautiful Day (12:00) Director Savannah Heller
Little Moments (7:41) Director Anjali Alwis 
Haze (9:59 Director Grace Link (United Kingdom)

Student Award Show, and more to follow at the pre-party at
Anchors Bend (1300 Ocean Avenue)
Followed by our May the 4th be With You Opening Night Party at 
Little Buddy Hideaway (550 Cookman Ave) 7pm-9pm

Sunday, May 5th 2019

911 Kingsley Street

Justin Geller-Thought It Would Be a Good Story (6:16) Director Jon Rehr 
Who is Your Favorite Harry Potter Character? (5:30) Director Sarah Maher 
Tattooed Gourdes of Hawaii (6:13) Director S. Kramer Herzog 
I Remember MoMi (13:31) Director S. Kramer Herzog 
The Gift of the Red Firm (9:51) Director Robyn McSheehy Hartman 
The Selfie Project (22:11) Director Barbara Becker Holstein 
The Girl Next Door (22:00) Director Mark Clauburg 
Sonic Highways Middletown (29:00) Director Keeley Giblin, Jolene Gianone, Toria Pater 

Family Friendly Set 
Superbug Blues (3:21) Director Noah Resnick 
L’Homme et Le Poisson (4:08) Director Lewis Leon (Canada) 
Night Light (7:52) Director Yamiset Trujillo, Jane Suarez 
Nini (5:10) Director Yingzong Xin 
Ian (9:47) Director Gaston Gorali (Argentina) 
Mogu and Perol (8:32) Director Tsuneo Goda (Japan) 
Draw (2:44) Director Christian Cordes 
Bringing Schools To Where There Are None! (1:00) Director Gianmarco D’Agostino (Italy) 
Other Places (1:41) Director Taylor Dahl 
Clueless (3:49) Director Nathan Moore 
Conflict (4:39) Barbara Becker Holstein 
Pretty Pretty Prison (19:00) Director Amanda Spencer 
Death Mask for Dada (9:00) Director Theone Masoner (Canada) 
Proud (12:40) Director Jackie Dallas 
Where’s Lilli?! (18:19) Director Michelle Martinez 

Guilty Pleasure (1:20) Director Yannik Leibacher, René Müller (Switzerland) 
Into the Woods (3:04) Director James Maguire 
Lullaby (3:12) Director Bobby Serros 
Home Early (2:15) Director Larry Rosen 
Commit (3:43) Director Taylor Dahl 
Goodnight Gracie (3:54) Director Stellan Kendrick 
The Confined (5:45) Director Christopher Picone, Darren Wallach 
Paralysis (4:23) Director Melissa De Leon 
Still (6:25) Director Michael Licisyn 
Troll (9:06) Director Francesco Nuzzi 
Teddy (6:15) Director Mark Clauburg 
The Angry Man (14:50) Director Theresa Labreglio 
Play Date (7:46) Director Herb Cremer, Joe Cremer 
A Very Bad Thing (3:40) Director Larry Rosen 
The Blood Calls (10:00) Director Kenneth R. McKinney 
Oh, The Effing Horror (16:51) Director Justin T. Bowler 
The Devil You Know (11:47) Director Nelson Dunk (Canada) 
I Waited For You (9:00) Director Manny Serrano
Fourth Set 
To Be Normal (12:35) Director Lance J. Reha 
Posthumously Yours (8:08) Director Adam Seccafico
Anonymous Psychos (5:31) Director Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland) 
Divine Intervention (7:36) Director Matt Provenzano 
The Writer (10:40) Director John Hedlund, Francesco Nuzzi 
#Slut (11:37) Director Jenna Kanell 
Peggy (12:00) Director Justin O’Neal Miller 
The Wingman (8:03) Director Jeremy Gutierrez 
Maturing Youth (25:46) Director Divoni Simon

Last Set 
Life EDU (20:45) Director Molly Gazay 
10 Syllables [un-con-scious/in-tox-i-ca-ted/fe-male] (15:55) Director Emily Skyle-Golden 
The Dancer (15:37) Director Roxanne Alese 
Creatures of God (14:51) Director Sandy Parker 
The Red Lotus (18:53) Director Jessica Alexandra Green

Red Carpet Event, and Awards to Follow!   

House Of Independents
572 Cookman Avenue

Bae (1:55) Director Ryan Cervasio 
Love at First Swipe (1:31) Director Laval Alsbrooks, Jr.
Interracial Dating (1:22) Director Samantha Rivers Cole 
Millennials at Work (3:05) Director Paul Valenti 
Horror Anonymous (4:59) Director Jim Harkins 
The Jar (4:40) Director Justin Giegerich 
Miserable Couple (4:12) Director Charlie Grey 
Scratch This (5:00) Director Jody Lauren Miller 
Master Class: Acting with Doors (4:00) Director John Hedlund, Francesco Nuzzi 
GTA VI: Voice Acting (For Innocent Bystanders) (7:00) Director Trevor Hembling, Arshum Rouhanian 
Benefits Not Included (5:00) Director Jen Lyon 
You Got Ma’amed (5:30) Director Michael Kelberg 
Fry Day I’m In Love (7:43) Director Loring Murtha 
Last Reunion (19:00) Director Joe Navarro 
The Assassin’s Apprentice (14:46) Director Russ Emanuel 
Fists of Endearment (13:18) Director Bob Klein 
My Dad and Bob Todd (12:30) Director Mark Clauburg 

Second Set 
Heart Killer (3:22) Director Brenden Hubbard 
Abbathy (6:10) Director Paul Baker
Old Times (12:00) Director Alan Swyer 
Anna Karenina (15:00) Director Yana Sar 
Wink (9:00) Director John Gallagher 
Ready (16:17) Director Melissa Farman 
I’ve Been Compromised (9:58) Director Courtney Sposato, Mark Sposato 
Armed and Dangerous (7:58) Director D.J. Higgins 
Times Up (12:00) Director Jonathan Blake Harris 

Woman Empowerment 
Afterthoughts (7:11) Director Robert Peyton Skelton 
Acceptables (12:27) Director Michele Lyman 
The Best Way to Murder (9:39) Director Nick Gavin, Mae Claire 
Cycle (14:07) Director Christopher Romano 
3.5 (14:38) Director Guy Jackson 
Three For the Road (12:50) Director David Patrick Wilson 
Chosen (13:43) Director Debra Markowitz 
Super-Woman (11:45) Director D.J. Higgins 

Last Set 
Man From Mars (5:40) Director Larry Rosen 
Who Decides (7:30) Director Mylissa Fitzsimmons 
The Smiling Strangers (5:00) Director Tom Bragg 
Quantum (11:15) Director Ryan Willard 
Ten Hours (16:17) Director Trevor Morgan 
Zabriskie (14:30) Director Grant Olans 
Receding (14:13) Director Dario Caudana 
Hook’D (22:00) Director Thomas Baldinger, Lenny Venito 

Red Carpet and Award Ceremonies are at Porta around 8:30pm