2017 Festival Award Nominees and Winners

2017 Nominees and Award Winners
Awards to be given out at Gala starting around 8:15-8:30 at Porta (911 Kingsley Street).

Festival Honors:
Actor: William DeMeo 
Director: Kramer Herzog
Audience Award Film: Capital Advice 

Best Actor in a Comedy
WINNER Amir Arison for Fortress

Joseph D’Onofrio for Pasquale’s Magic Veal
Dan Grimaldi for Pasquale’s Magic Veal
Michael Tow for East of Hollywood
Jeff Phillips for Tea Man, Steep!
Alex Scully for Helping Hands
John Fulton for Fickle Bickle

Best Actress in a Comedy
Chelsea Lloyd for Sneezy G
Madelyn Barkocy for Diet TaB presents American Splenda
Emm O’Connor for Capital Advice
Laura Dowling Shea for Great Expectations
WINNER Gina Rodriguez for Frame of Reference
Sophia Tsanotelis for The Wedding Ceremony
Dani Wang for East of Hollywood

Best Actor-Medium
Shawn Christensen for Cul-De-Sac
Brian Gallagher for Only for the Good
Jackson Rathbone for Horseshoe Theory
WINNER Jack Mulcahy for Isolated Incident
Brian Pollock for Licentious
Tim Berg for If You Go I Go
Drew Maniscalco for Addicted

Best Actress-Medium
Christine Vinsick for Uncle Buzzy’s House
Phoebe Tonkin for Cul-De-Sac
Iliana Guibert for Twice Upon a Time
Stacey Van Gorder for Steps
Kim Paris for Last Call
WINNER Heather Brittain O’Scanlon for House Broken
Victoria Guthrie for Tales of Creation

Best Actress-Long
Stephanie Hinck for Crowns of Serendip
WINNER Janel Tanna for If Only for a Moment
Courtney Cavanagh for Terminal Legacey: Lost Souls
Sharrata M. Hunt for Road to Jericho
Carolyn McCandlish for Adrift
Danielle Guldin for The Weekend
Valerie Bauer for Veneration

Best Actor-Long
Nathan Cluss for Crowns of Serendip
Jefrey Wilkerson for the Road to Jericho
Chris Young for Hotel
Michael Allen Gallo for Adrift
Kazy Tauginas for Standing Eight
WINNER Joseph D’Onofrio for Pasquale’s Magic Veal
Dan Grimaldi for Pasquale’s Magic Veal

Best Director Comedy
DJ Higgins for Pasquale’s Magic Veal
Jeff Sutton for Charley V
Eliaz Rodriguez for Tea Man, Steep
Mark Clauburg for Hotel
WINNER Chris Caccioppoli for East of Hollywood
Jim Mauro for Capital Advice
Amir Arison for Fortress

Best Director-Medium
Ian J. Keeney for Frame of Reference
WINNER Damon Russell for Cul-De-Sac
Justin Pigeon and Steven Good for The Road to Fatherhood
Debra Markowitz for By Blood
Jon Busch for Wrestling with Integrity
Andrew Schwarz for the Cabinet in the Woods
Larry Rosen for Afraid of the Night

Best Director-Long
WINNER Dennis Cahlo for The Weekend
Frank Lisi for Veneration
Larry Rosen for If Only for a Moment
Stephen Girouard for Window Dressing
Robert E. Proto for The Crowns of Serendip
DJ Higgins for Pasquale’s Magic Veal
John D. Hay for Attempt to Rise

Best Horror
Beyond the Doors
Keep It in the Dark
The Cabinet in the Woods
WINNER Evil Rising
Afraid of the Night

Best Animation
Bubble Yum
Graffiti Woman & Sensitive Sherman
Notorious Corn
WINNER You Got a Problem

Best Comedy
WINNER Pasquale’s Magic Veal
Capital Advice
Great Expectations
Helping Hands
Texting My Ex
East of Hollywood
Reality Disorder
Fickle Bickle

Best Medium Short
Frame of Reference
Isolated Incident
The Man in the Room
Coming to Terms
By Blood
If You Go I Go
Twice Upon a Time

Best Long Short
The Road to Jericho
The Crowns of Serendip
Pasquale’s Magic Veal
Window Dressing
WINNER Standing Eight
Attempt to Rise
The Weekend

Best Short Short
A Street Guided Meditation
Deliver Us!
Black Cloud
Second Escape
Pew Pew
WINNER Last Call
Blue Skies
Chicken Francese

Best Experimental
Falling in Love: A Coming of Age Selfie Film
WINNER A Street Guided Meditation
Second Escape
It Gets Better?
Holy Cleanse
Tales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction

Best Concept
WINNER The Cabinet in the Woods

Falling in Love: A Coming of Age Selfie Film
Witt and the Magical Spirits
The Kid and the Hitman
Horseshoe Theory

Best Ensemble
Pasquale’s Magic Veal
Capital Advice
WINNER Great Expectations
By Blood
Standing Eight

Best Documentary
By Spoon ! The Jay Meisel Story
The World of Dennis Patton
WINNER In The Name of Comedy

Best International Film
A Magician
WINNER Date Night

Best Cinematography
WINNER Addle Strife
The Other Side of Love
Isolated Incident
A Street Guided Meditation
Only for the Good
Standing Eight
The Hobbyist

Best NJ Comedy
Charley V
Narrow & Wide
Diet TaB presents American Splenda
Deliver Us!
Helping Hands

Best NJ Drama
Sharks vs. Minnows
The Last Abduction
Wait for Me
Keep it in the Dark
WINNER Let’s Play Dead Girl
Second Escape

Best Script
Film Festival Fodder by Jennifer Katz
WINNER Couple of Guys by Debra Markowitz
Brothers by Debra Markowitz
The Ride by Rachel Handler
The Street Photographer by Jim Norman
Medicine Show Blues by Jeffrey Howe
Sins of the Father by David Valkenet
Torii Hall by Don Carr


Best Short High School
WINNER When Randy was Here
Good Cop, Sad Cop
Sock Monster
The Mistake

Best Short College
The Mourning After
Foreign Sounds
Hi, My Name Is
Extra Cheese Please
Exit Stage Left

Best Actor
Dylan Markiewicz for Good Cop, Sad Cop
WINNER Justin Andrew Davis for Hell-Bent
Stephen Bodossian for Church
Josh Cohen for Burnt Ashes
Kyle Jonas for Lovelorn

Best Actress
Leslie Lynn Meeker for Hell-Bent
Tia Link for Masquerade
Makenzi Koyen for The Mourning After
Lauren Greene for Hi, My Name Is
WINNER Lauren Esser for Extra Cheese Please

Best Director
WINNER The Mourning After
Burnt Ashes
Extra 1104 – The Story of the Rockport Train Wreck
Exit Stage Left
Foreign Sounds