HOTYSFF 2016 Laurel

The Showroom Cinema
707 Cookman Avenue

10:18-11:35 Documentaries and Animations 
Invasive Species (Kristin Middleton/Max Dinardo/Josh Tritini, NJ) A dishwasher’s world is over run by insects. (1:43)
Daydreamer (Elizabeth Ferek /OR) brings this inner dreamworld to the screen through the eyes of a little girl. Robots, rockets and brightly colored landscapes come to life through the lens of an old helmet. (1:20)
(Thomas Holcombe/NJ) Sometimes the elevator doors don’t open. This is what happens inside that elevator car. (3:00)
Evolution and Devolution 
(K. Andrew Murphy/NJ) a hallucinatory stop motion short about the nature of expanding consciousness. (3:27)
Zodiac Run 
(Gabriel Silva/USA) A very persistent mouse runs in a race against several other animals of the Chinese zodiac. (2:25)
Let’s Be Practical 
(Madison Lovely/OH) About a boy who takes control of his grandfather’s bedtime story and makes a more ‘realistic’ version by adding a cynical and depressing ending to the ‘happily ever after’ one told by his grandfather. (4:00)
(Andrea Cristini/Italy) Osolescence of technology and how it menace to erase entire generations’ memories from history. (2:48)
Ginger and Snapper 
(D.C. Douglas/CA) A post-apocalyptic story about a lonely gamer girl and a misunderstood zombie. Starring Lacey Chabert and 12 other voice actors who have all been heard in the zombie-centric video game franchise, ‘Resident Evil.’ (5:00)
My Faith My Life 
(Chasity Cagle/CA) Nicola Herman is a Jehovah’s Witness. This is her story of her journey to maintain her faith in public schools and in American culture. (5:01)
A Silent Epidemic 
(Emily Croke/RI) A silent killer that claims millions of lives each year. Take a look inside of the world of those who have been left behind. (11:16)
(Abraham Polinsky/MA) Solomon Polinsky is an 84 year old jewelry maker who fled from the Soviet Union in 1990. The short takes you through his extremely intricate process, mixed in with parts of his life story and how he sees himself and his legacy as he approaches the end of his life. (10:52)
For the Kids of Paarl 
(S. Kramer Herzog /CA) Award winning filmmaker S. Kramer Herzog’s “Kids of Paarl” takes a harshly real view of the Kids themselves as victims of situations out of their control, they become victims of economic stress & victims of political injustice. (7:10)
“Together in Love” Rockumentary 
(Kimberly Anderson /CA) This is a true story about two of the nicest and most interesting people on planet earth. How Kimberly L. A. and Tommy St. John met, became friends, fell in love, and came together musically. (9:22) 
The Denver Bread Company 
(Gareth Burghes/OH) Twenty years ago, baker Greg Bortz started a small bread bakery in the worst part of town. Built on the pillars of flour, water, salt, and yeast their old world baking technique has made a lasting impression on generations of people. (10:52)

11:50-1:12 International Set
The Killer Cigarette (Robert Verdina/Switzerland) Every day, 11 billion of cigarettes are lighten in the world. Smoking kills…but not always in the same way. (2:23)
(Juha Lilja/Sweeden) A short movie to describe the world from kid’s perspective. (3:20)
(Elena Brodach/Russia) A love story that everyone dreams (3:33)
Bubbles Dance 
(Isabel Sulger Buel/Switzerland) Will there be a connection after she’s gone? (4:25)
(Angela Buckingham/Germany) A thief steals for her livelihood but she is not guilty. (5:30)
In Memory of My Daughter 
(Bruno Viana/Brazil) A man that attends art therapy sessions to overcome a recent trauma in his life. (5:35)
(Khushnuda Shukurova/Tajikistan) a love confession of a humble village girl, Tatiana Larina to a noble young man, Eugene Onegin. (3:48)
Light It Up 
(Car Tam/United Kingdom) A boy attempts to fulfil his dream. (4:57)
(Julio Suárez/Spain) The decision of a girl who will mark his future (3:28)
RCP 5 
(Garry Miley/Ireland) Based on a Roald Dahl short story, a young man accepts a bet that he can strike a match ten times in a row. If he succeeds, he wins a bike. But if he loses…(11:30)
(Bhargav Saikia /India)The line between dreams and reality is blurred when a young woman in charge of two children is haunted by mysterious entities. (13:19)
(Radoslaw Pietruczuk/Poland) During the night journey on a long-distance train Adam meets a mysterious person who will change his life for ever. (21:45)

Contradictions (Oxana Yatsenko/Russia) A woman sits in her car feeling blue when she is distracted by a man who tries to make her feel better. (4:13) 
(J. Hanna /CA) A public defender tries to convince his client to take a reduced sentence plea deal (4:10)
(Corey Kloos/MO) When Simon catches the eye of the prettiest girl at the bar, he must find the courage to approach her. (3:28)
The Pen and I 
(Michael Worth/CA) A woman’s passi (7:00)
Fat Burner 
(Debbie Higgins/NJ) Charles “rushes” over to show Zach his latest invention and then along comes Lori in this fast paced comedy. (7:21)
Promise Me 
(Kevin Machate /CA) is an emotionally charged social drama in which a once flourishing woman, now at the end of her life, struggles to ensure that her recently reconciled son does not make the same mistakes that she did. (8:02)
(Kenneth McKinney /TN) A father struggles to hold together his family after a great loss. (8:24)
Roller Coaster 
(Bradley Hawkins/PA) A young actress encounters ‘Murphy’s Law’ while on the way to a potentially career-making audition. (15:26)
(Jay Patel/NJ) A blue collar family man undergoes a violent and drastic change after an accident at work alters his personality. (15:00)

Over Again (Marc Pannia/CA) In the blink of an eye, Sam circles back to memories as his relationship falls apart. While living in the past, will he miss what’s right in front of him? (4:00)
A New York Love Story 
(Patrick Ortman/CA) A woman who’s crushed by the loss of her love, It is a very personal exploration of her psychological journey. (6:00) 
Starry Night 
(Josh Bennett/GA) Two estranged brothers reunite under apocalyptic conditions. (5:19)
Ella at the Library 
(Olivia Saperstein/NY) When a type A student discovers she is missing a crucial book for her dissertation, she is forced to confront a tough-as-nails librarian. (8:21)
He Said What Now? 
(Brooke Jacoby/NY) This film takes real pick up lines used on women from online dating sites and uses them in a speed dating setting. (6:52)
Boy Meets Boy 
(Jonathan MacPherson/Canada) Honest, true and raw. Vincent is searching for love in his isolated perfect life. He turns to online dating sites to meet the One! (9:56)
(Bounroeun Lor/CA) A mild mannered man tries to overcome his fear of asking a coworker out. (7:32)
Once We Were Slaves 
(Dallas Jenkins /CA) The story of an influential event 2000 years ago from the viewpoint of two people who had a unique perspective (27:00)

Some Kind of Utopia (Cambria Magnuson/CA) Student film documentary Constituting America Best College Short Film (6:00)
Bittersweet Romance 
(J. Hanna/CA) Two lovers abandon their romance to and immediately reflect on the choice they have made….(1:24)
Webseries: The Webseries 
(Marc GIacomi /NY) A bunch of actors sitting around talking about creating a Web Series, but never actually creating a Web Series. (4:45)
Comic Potential 
(Ross Carey/Ireland) A young woman from the small Irish town of Bantry decides to become a superhero, only to discover that Bantry is not the exactly the most action-packed town for a superhero. (14:39)
Meeting Matt Damon 
(Frieda de Lackner/CA) A woman’s dream to have coffee with Matt Damon comes true, sort of. (8:20)
A Box Came to Brooklyn 
(Jason Cusato/NY) A life long Brooklynite struggles to convince his ridiculous neighbors that a mysterious box left in the middle of their street doesn’t prove one of them is a terrorist. (26:19)
Mannish Boy 
(Ryan Tonelli /Canada) Set in the 1970’s, 21 year-old Bobby Mayhill struggles to find guidance as his older brother Tommy serves a six year sentence for assault on a police officer. (14:46)
Last Words 
(Paul Kelly/NY) At the Daughters of Lot Actors Home, Miss Larson confounds Nurse Jenkins by weaving the last words of the famous and infamous into a coded language that she hopes will be decoded into understanding and connection. (18:00)
Adhesive Love 
(Giancarlo Orellana /NY) Eric tries to deconstruct his relationship with Rebecca after he discovers that she has been unfaithful to him. (18:00)



The Showroom Cinema
707 Cookman Avenue

10:10-12:03 Student Block
Boy’s Don’t Cry (Kyle Murphy/NJ) Boys don’t cry, student film. (4:04)
(Matt King-Max Dinardo-Evan Franco-Courtney Aptaker, NJ) 3:41
Deja Vu 
(Sean Cuddihy, CJ Cuccia, Mike West, Kaylin Iannone, NJ) 5:00
Painted Cranes (Maria Dragone, Sage Levine, Charlotte Larish, Lisa Merola, Andrew Bergstrand, NJ) A student gets some help with her school work. (3:21)
Whiteboard Voodoo (Brian Gross,, Matt Lawrence, Mike Mullee, Sean Kenny, Katie Cartie, NJ) (3:00)
Do You Want to Play? (Joe McCloud/CA) Every night a father tucks his daughter into bed. Every night she hears bumps in the night. Tonight, those bumps become something much more sinister. (3:22)
Wound – A Film Diary 
(Lauren Loesberg/NJ) A result of the usage of film as a therapeutic outlet. This film is about my relationship with ambition and the pressure I feel from both myself and society. (2:37)
With God 
(Lauren Loesberg/NJ) After her grandfather’s death, an introspective teen undergoes a religious crisis. (3:30)
Man Up 
(Lauren Loesberg/NJ) In this adaption of true events, several teenage girls experience sexism for the first time. (7:44)
Treasure Map 
(Jerry Keselman/Fredric Lehne/NJ) A woman and a girl search through the woods for something hidden and lost long ago. (6:48)
Never Been Sicker (Claire Fishman/NJ) A withdrawn girl, tortured by a phobia of vomiting, struggles to get her college roommate kicked out after discovering she is bulimic. (14:59)
The Girl in Pieces 
(Raul Hernandez/NJ) A lesbian young woman struggles to find her place in a homophobic town. (10:00)
One Last Talk 
(Ehud Sopher/NJ) If you had one last talk…what would you say? (11:12)
(Maggie Kaszuba /NJ) A high school basketball player, Sam, struggles to understand the way life works. She is brought down by constant negatives, and even though people reach out to her, she struggles to see their efforts. (19:47)
(Andrew Schwarz /NJ) A recently divorced family, comprised of a mother, father, and little girl, struggles to assimilate to their new lives. The girl, Abigail, resorts to surprising alternative methods to cope. (15:30)

12:22-2:01 A Mix of Some Comedy SetCoffee Shop Conversations (Kimberly DiPersia/NY) A comedic series of vignettes in a coffee shop, capturing moments in the lives of patrons and employees. (1:57)
Lucky Day 
(Janine Sides /CA) Meet Ted: a successful bank president with a no frills day-to-day and an ideal woman by his side that exudes the term “trophy wife.” Somewhere in between this morning’s coffee and newspaper, though, Ted’s world is flipped upside down when he’s taken hostage by Dean, who just so happens to be his wife’s secret lover. Starring Jerry Mathers (7:48)
Dark Specter 
(Bruce Nachsin /CA) A villain must confront his greatest challange (5:57)
Introducing Parker Dowd 
(Lauren Ashely Carter/NY) A dark comedy about a struggling actress who loses a role to her dog and must watch him skyrocket to celebrity as she descends into vengeful madness. (15:39)
Mother of the Week 
(Lee Davis/NY) STACEY (Jennifer Jiles), a 40-something career woman has it all together- with the invaluable help of her children’s perfect (inside and out) nanny, MARISA (Lexi Zettle), whom the three kids love, and Stacy’s husband TIM (Mark Lobene) doesn’t mind looking at either.  When Marisa takes a week vacation, Stacey is happy to prove herself and reassert her own role as Mom and sexy wife.   (22:08)
The White Spruce 
(Mark Serao /NJ) It’s Christmas Eve and Guy is working the last shift at the Baumstein Christmas Tree Farm and just wants to get home when someone happens to show up – the girl of his dreams and she needs his help. She wants to Guy to save her the last White Spruce on the farm. (25:26)
The Last Taxi Driver 
(Debra Markowitz /NY) A disgruntled taxi driver refuses to give up his chosen career, even when most of the inhabitants left are zombies. (14:19)
(Rachel Breitag /CA) is a comedic look at what the cost of success is. Lars is an unemployed working actor who’s girlfriend, Ava, is a high profile defense lawyer. After a tiff Ava blurts her frustration with Lars lack of income. (9:30)

2:26-4:20 Mature Comedy Set
Oh Deer (Dane Eckweiler/NY) A man and deer cross paths on a dark night. (:25)
It’s All About Me 
(Kelsey O’Brien/Kim Graham/NY) Two lifelong friends explore sex, art and the new American Dream as they start their own wine business while keeping the focus where it counts: on them. (5:00)
Mystery Weight 
(Craig April/USA) A comedy short about a man who sets out to lose weight. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, he’s gaining! (2:39)
(Mike Holt/NY) Two best friends are taken on an adventure by the Metro PCS version of Siri. (3:53) 
Mixed Signals 
(Humberto Guzman/NY) A NJ couple goes through some mixed signals between them (5:35)
Lets Stay Together 
(Anthony Greene/USA) Will shows up at his ex-girlfriend Fiona’s house asking for one more chance after screwing up one too many times. (3:23)
Peggy and the Plan B 
(Lindsay Rootare/NY) A simple purchase of Plan B spirals out of control. (4:27)
(Joey Mosca/NJ) Sometimes Demons Have Bad Days. (13:23)
Mammary Gland Malfunction 
(Robyn Laliberte/Canada) A quirky teenage virgin is faced with an unusual high school nightmare when her boobs start lactating. (11:15) 
Flat Brim 
(Tom Bentey/NJ) On his 30th birthday, a mysterious, suburban spirit bring Mike Tingley a message. (14:31)Raising the Dead (Drew Chiminec/NJ) is a dark comedy short film about a guy in his mid-20s who returns from years of volunteering abroad to find out that his mom and brother told everyone he was dead. (32:00)
Marathon Mouth 
(Chris Capaci/NJ) “Marathon Mouth” is a short film centered around a 50 year old playboy firmly entrenched in the singles scene down the Jersey Shore. The movie follows “Casey” through a few weeks of his life as he hits on everything that moves while having fun with his two best friends. (23:00)

4:40-6:32 Last Set
Sender (Don Arangio/NY) After a series of unsettling dreams, Adam receives a mysterious package in the mail. His dreams and reality clash. Is he lost in a nightmare, a parallel universe, or a moment in time? (5:00) 
Mother’s Day 
(Jeff Tan/USA) A tragedy forces a mother and son to finally come together and one must find the strength to say goodbye. Starring Melissa Leo and Gabriel Furman (7:00)
We Know You Have a Choice (Eric Simonson/CA) A successful career woman meets her match when she takes on the complexities of technology and so called “customer service”. (11:45)
Fragile Storm 
(Dawn Fields/CA) a scared young woman goes to extreme measures to escape the clutches of a terrifying older man only to realize the shocking and heartbreaking truth about why she’s really there. (10:00)
A Way Out 
(Jason Tostevin /OH) When aging gangster Vick risks it all to quit the life, he discovers his young protege has been keeping a secret of his own — one that plunges them both into a deadly cat and mouse game over the course of one car ride. (13:45)
We Remember 
(John Gallagher/NY) After a night of debauchery, Anders has no idea what to expect when he is summoned to his estranged father’s death bed. (14:00)
Stand Up Guy 
(Lee Kolinsky /NY) When Roman is released from 15 years of prison, he seeks out to confront his old friend Angelo in order to take back his family business. (9:55)
Hide the Sausage 
(Joe Benedetto /NY) Eddie “The Sausage” Zambri gets released from prison after serving 8 years. He must avoid all the wrong people, stay out of sight, make amends with his daughter, and then leave the country forever. (22:19)
(Debra Markowitz/NY) Emily Hemming has a family and life she adores. After leaving her family behind, her husband, Paul takes her back time and time again, while counselor Bertrand tries to convince her to put their feelings first, before her own. (9:40)
The Coin 
(Fabien Martorell /CA) Kathryn Morris portrays an indignant mother who radiates negativity onto her cherubic young son. For no apparent reason, she scolds him from the car and into the liquor store, where she orders him to sit and wait on the cold concrete floor. Alas, the boy is saved by the presence of a homeless man, Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future). He utters words of wisdom and hands the kid a “magical quarter…” (8:13)



Theater 3 
Porta Pizzeria
911 Kingsley Street

Rumblings (J. Hanna/CA) A slightly shady politician and an even shadier reporter meet on a pedestrian bridge to discuss the current climate. (2:17)
The Chase! 
(Kim Kutner/CA) A woman is chased by a mysterious man, only to find out things may not be what they seem. (3:22)
First Love 
(Nicolas Raganato/CA) Daniel, a ten-year-old student wants to give his valentine card to his girlfriend Sammy, but the evil teacher Ms. Ruth takes it away threatening the kids to tell their parents. (5:49)
Goodnight Olivia 
(Gracie Curry/KY) While a father tells his daughter a bedtime story, he realizes that beyond the people we love is the choice made to love them. (7:45)
Henry and the Violin 
(Justin Pigeon/NY) A widower finds companionship in an unlikely place. (6:17)
Around the Corner 
(Anne Marie Chu Fong/NJ) Thriller short from Jersey City about a family and a daughter. (5:44)
Happy Family 
(Mark Stolzenberg/FL) is a quirky comedy about a childless, mature married couple who rather late in life decides to adopt an adult child. (18:53)
Searching for Harmony 
(Joe Reggio/NJ) The struggles of songwriting are encapsulated in this short film about a local musician’s attempt to write a song for an upcoming open mic night. (9:00)
Buying Bouquets (Evan Yee/NY) A disillusioned ‘romantic’ tries to win back the love of his life by teaming up with a flower shop owner to perform grand gestures of love. (9:52)
The Radio (Michael Boylan/NJ) A timid boy receives love advice from his recently deceased uncle through a vintage transistor radio. (31:50)

My First Love (Mylissa Fitzsimmons/CA) You never forget your first love. (3:21)
Danger Around the Corner 
(Larry Rosen/NJ) A foreign invasion has taken over the region. Groups of survivors are the resistance hiding and fighting. The film focuses on Keeley and West who have taken refuge in a building. There are explosions and gunfire outside but they connect on a deeper level. For a short while, they are able to forget about the danger around the corner. (5:00)
(Will Lee/SC) Busk tells the story of a street performing couple who finds their strained relationship exacerbated by their lack of success. (6:39)
Feast at the Beach 
(Bobby Guarino/NJ) One hell of a party…. ( 11:20)
How Chris Mazzetti Got His Swag Back 
(Greg McManus /NY),After being dumped by his girlfriend for being too irresponsible, a lazy pot smoker named Chris Mazzetti tries to prove her wrong and win her back. (13:10)
Who is Riley Oakes 
(Ron Devitt/Canada) Two high school slackers stumble upon a discarded set of old reel-to-reel tapes, labeled ‘Riley Oakes’. When they listen to the voice on the tapes they discover the Riley uses music to overcome a disability and decide to find him as part of a school project. (19:26)
 (Matt Senatore /OH)When the daughter of a rich business man is kidnapped he is instructed to pay a ransom of $3,000,000. Little do the kidnappers know, they bit off more than they can chew. (19:37)
(Stephen Polakiewicz /MA) Norse folklore whisper of the cursed sword TYRFING, doom to all who wield it and death to all who face it. Safeguarding the honor of his beloved, a valiant viking duels a berserk raider who commands the damnable steel. (15:20)
(Nino Aldi /CA) A woman invites a distraught stranger into her home to lend a helping hand. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as one of them harbors a dark secret. (15:00)

2:24-4:18 Horror/Thriller
Leak (Michael Zayac/NJ) While disposing of the body of his murder victim, Peter’s plans become complicated by an unexpected visit from an overzealous plumber. (5:16)
Selfie Inflicted 
(Elica Sholler/Australia) In a world obsessed with everything Selfie and cell phone, a young man earns a photo bombing lesson from an old crone. (6:21)
Attack of the Killer Chickens 
(Genoveva Rossi/NJ) Its the dawn of a new age. . .a chicken age! (6:23)
The Abducted 
(Larry Rosen, NJ) A killer has a group of abducted girls. One escapes, then the others try as well. He has simple rules: “If you try to escape, you die.” (6:00)
The Kill Club 
(Maurice Paramore/NJ) A psychotic teenager lives inside an underground secret society full of rejects, known as “The Kill Club.” Anything can happen in the club, but one thing is for certain, you either die or live long enough to become a killer. (23:33)
When the Night Falls 
(Ed Bergtold /NJ) A washed up minor league baseball player gets out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit, only to find all hell breaking loose around him and the ones he loves. (14:58)
Good, Bye 
(Larry Rosen, NJ) Jaime and Felicia are drugged and wake up in different places. Each is joined by someone that helps them figure out where they are and why. (9:30)
Chateau Sauvignon: terroir 
(David E. Munz-Maire/NY) follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. (13:10)
Sweet Hollow 
(Sean Lee/CA) Emily is driving down a deserted road in the middle of the night to visit her sister, but when her car breaks down and a handsome stranger offers to give her a ride, Emily begins to realize there is more to her new friend and Sweet Hollow Road than she ever could have imagined. (10:27)
Anywhere But Here 
(Larry Rosen, NJ) Belle wakes up to discover her kidney has been taken and she is locked in an unknown room. Along with another captive, Keira, they reveal their pasts and try to figure out why they are there. (9:00)
It is Really Over 
(Larry Rosen. NJ) Celebrating her newly being single, Daisy’s friends have a drinking bender. While drunk, they call and torment Daisy’s ex… which could have dire consequences. (7:00)

4:28-6:27 Last Set
Thin Blue Line (Larry Rosen/NJ) Two undercover cops recount a drug bust gone wrong (5:30) 
A Pill for Two 
(Larry Rosen/NJ) Jade has issues with anger and dealing with her feelings. Whether in group or with her boyfriend, she always feels everyone is against her. So she finally decides to confront her mother about the root of her problems. (6:49)
Think Twice 
(Eliaz Rodriguez/IL) Will Tess’ “double vision” be the end of Tony or will he save the day by proving his identity? (6:57)
Organs of Opportunity 
(Seregon O’Dassey/NJ) Med school students Kate and Steven find a creative way to pay off their bills. (10:00)
(Julius B. Kelly/NJ) Detective Dennis Reynolds’ partner Detective Angel Delgado was murdered five years ago, and he is aware who executed his partner in cold blood. The man was never brought to justice and continues to roam the streets to this day. (21:12)
The Run 
(Kaixiang Zhang/NY) A high speed chase leads to a full-on brawl between two special agents and those that would thwart their mission. (5:00) 
Trouble for a Smoke 
(Matthew Tompkins/Canada) Set in the American South in the late 1880s, a convicted felon being transported to his execution must convince the two lawmen escorting him. (13:07)
The Kidnapping of a Fish 
(Philip A Ramos/NY) A mild mannered man is kidnapped and is forced to figure out if his new girlfriend is the cause. (25:00)
Knights of New Jersey 
(Michael Hadley/NJ) A comedic, behind-the-scenes look at the daily grind and petty politics faced by a troupe of Renaissance Faire actors. (22:00)

Award Ceremony to follow at Porta at 7:35pm