Congratulations to the award nominees of 2021. You are all winners in our eyes. Thank you for sharing your art with us.


Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival2021 Nominees & Winners


Best Short Film



What I Should Have Said (winner)




Best Medium Film


Like Daughter, Like Mother

Fathers and Sons (winner)


Don’t Jump

How to Fall In Love in a Brothel

Hey, It’s Me


Best Long Film

Call (The) Girl (winner)

Bathtub Chronicles

The Time In Between The Seconds


Still With Us

In Their Nature


Best New Jersey Film

The Transaction

My Father’s Fabulous Funeral

How Long Until

Knight (winner)

Crazy Mike


Best International Film

Remembrance (winner)



Pink Me Blue


Best Documentary

Cosplay in Color

As We Are

SPARK: A Systemic Racism Story (winner)


Best Actor

Francisco Solarzano for “Cyclone” (winner)

Cedric Cannon for “Hey, It’s Me” 

Matt Stephens for “How Long Until” 

Dan Gregory for “Crazy Mike” 

Loring Murtha for “Don’t Jump”

Michael Shanahan for “Remembrance”

Tom Gipson for “The Transaction”


Best Actress

Becky Granger for “Hinge”

Josephine Huang for “The Unknown” 

Susan McDonald for “Lola & The Professor”  

Avalon Penrose for “Kesi” (winner)

Helen Laser for “The Time in Between the Seconds”

Eve Austin for “Lola Does Manhattan”

Laura Peterson for “Don’t Jump”


Best Actor – Comedy

Matthew Sanders for “My Dinner With Werner”

Chris Orangeo for “Instant”  (winner)

Daniel Desmarais for “Life on Pause”

Loring Murtha for “Don’t Jump”

Dan Gregory for “Crazy Mike”


Best Actress – Comedy

Devi Morgan for “Like Daughter, Like Mother”

Eve Austin for “Lola Does Manhattan”

Tara Llewelyn for “Under the Influence”

Laura Petersen for “Don’t Jump”

Jordan Gosnell for “Like Mother, Like Daughter” (winner)


Best Director – Comedy

Maverick Moore for “My Dinner With Werner” (winner)

Clyde Baldo for “Like Daughter, Like Mother”

Tara Llewelyn for “Under the Influence”

Chris Orangeo, Steve Hanisch for “Instant”

Loring Murtha for “Don’t Jump”

Rob Margolies for “Lola Does Manhattan” 


Best Director – Horror

Adam Seccafico for “ The Killer Across the Street” (winner)

Todd Staruch for “The Bond of Friendship”

Herb Cremer, Joe Cremer for “You’re It”

Yesi Rodriguez for “Notice Me”

Jayleen S. Perez for “Air B&D”

Courtney & Mark Sposato for ”Hey, It’s Me”


Best Ensemble

Lola Does Manhattan


Under the Influence

King of Angels

In Their Nature

Bathtub Chronicles (winner)

The Time In Between the Seconds


Best Concept

Pink Me Blue

Innerverse Web Series

Marriage Fit

Calf Rope (winner)

Fathers & Sons



Best Comedy


Don’t Jump (winner)

Lola Does Manhattan


Like Daughter, Like Mother

Life On Pause

How Long Until



Best Drama

Louie (winner)


Calf Rope



Sol Amor

The Time in Between the Seconds

Fathers and Sons


Best Horror/Thriller

Air B & D

The Killer Across the Street

Misplaced Trust

You’re It

Notice Me

Hey, It’s Me

Matched (winner)


Best Director

The Sposatos for “Hey, It’s Me” 

Gwendolyn Granger for “Hinge”

The Cremer Brothers for “You’re It” 

Jon Rehr for “How Long Until” 

Rob Margolies for “Lola Does Manhattan” (winner)

Robin Hoffman for “Step Aside”

Robert Biggs for “Louie”


Best Cinematography

 Zack Kron for “Matched” 

Adam Hribar for “How Long Until” 

 Jason Chew for “The Unknown” 

Lidia Nikonova for “How to Fall in Love in a Brothel” – 

Arthur Woo for “Hey, It’s Me” 

Robert Biggs for “Louie” (winner)

Zack Kron for “Don’t Jump”

Alejandro Mallea for “How I Made a Friend for Life”


Best Script

“I Had an Affair, Or Did I?” by Francesco Nuzzi

“Intro & Outro” by Steven R. Ford (winner)

“This is America” by Isaac Ballesteros Barba

“The Session” by Alexander Julian III

“Hanging Buddy” by John Kester


Best Animation

Orthogonal (winner)


Director’s Choice Award


My Father’s Fabulous Funeral

Innerverse Web Series

Crazy Mike

The Time in Between the Seconds (winner) 


Best Web Series

Innerverse Web Series (winner)


Rising Star Award: 

Jared Garcia: Write and Director of Still With Us (21 years old, Howell NJ)



Submissions for 2022 are now open. You may submit at:


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The Story

Mission Statement

Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival is the Jersey Shore’s premier short-film festival. Now entering our seventh year, the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival aims to promote the art of the short film at the Jersey Shore by creating an organic artistic space where those that enjoy the arts and short films can unite.

Chris J. Cullen, Rich Lello and Brian Kopack created the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival to celebrate the art of film-making, with an emphasis on short films!

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