We are BACK!!! Please come join us on Sunday, April 24th at beautiful Asbury Park. The locations and sets are listed below.


THE SHOWROOM CINEMA –  707 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park New Jersey 

  • THEATRE ONE – Block #1 (10:30 AM to 12:30 PM)

Billy (12:56) Dir. Jack Saxon, Feat – Trey Guinn, Reese Ravencraft: An obsessive professor experiences a series of tragic events

Gratia (10:38) Dir. Michael Gaskin, Feat. Amelia Ryan, Terasa Sciortino: A down-on-her-luck healthcare worker finds an unlikely ally in her cranky patient. 

Where’s the Will (13:27) Dir. Paul Ladicano: When father dies, the children convene to discuss his will. What could possibly go wrong?

I Mustache You (13:35) Dir. & Feat. Shara Ashley Zeiger: A woman with social anxiety, OCD, and agoraphobic tendencies receives an invitation to love and self-acceptance.

Wicked Image (8:48) Dir. Caitlin Scherer, Feat. Heather B. O’Scanlon, Amanda Leigh Corbett, Jessica Sherr: Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil attempt to rehabilitate their images.

Sunrise (10:57) Dir. Luis Ramos: Julian, is alone, with no money. What does the future hold? Where will he go? 

Wonderland (6:43) Dir. Padrick Ritch: A young woman makes one last trip to the beach before leaving town.

What Happens to Roadkill (2:52) Dir. Joshua Gaestel, Feat. Tracy Grammer, Ryan Arnold: A park employee recalls a traumatic encounter.

I Am the Candidate (2:54) Dir. George Ohan, Feat. Joseph Eual: Political Satire

Breaking and Entering (29:46) Dir. Michael W. Hogan, Feat. Kiri Hartig: A woman’s conflicted life and questionable choices culminates with an autopsy-like introspective journey when she finds herself locked in a morgue.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE ONEBlock #2 (12:50 PM to 2:15 PM)

Self-Serve (7:08) Dir. Page Peter Wilson, Feat. John Arnond: A man has a conversation with multiple versions of his psyche.

Turf Valley (6:32) Dir. Adam Rodgers, Writer. Thomas Ventimiglia: Three stay-at-home dads ponder life’s “big” questions.

Cruel and Unusual Therapy Too (11:47) Written, Directed, and Starring Gina Marie Rodriguez, Feat. Jennings Brower: Lianne Martinez struggles with erotic transference – an attraction to her therapist.

Young Love in a Dirty Place (3:45) Dir. Reinis Spaile, Feat. Nikola Abola, Tomass Piternieks: A girl explores multiple ways to save her first relationship crisis.

Fantasy of Companionship Between Human & Inanimate (14:57) Dir. Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz, Tan: The story about the future of companionship between human and inanimate.

The End (3:04) Written & Dir. Tim Birkhofer: Exploring a couple’s lifelong love story, its milestones, ups and downs. Moving!

GAYDREAM (7:22) Dir. Brandon L. Wilson, Feat. Seth Dunlap, Tracy DeCresie: A young man seeks the support of his outgoing lesbian roommate while trying to come out to his conservative mother.

Post No Bills (18:32) Dir. Francis Maxwell, Feat. Salvador Perez Garcia, Rachel McPeek: A late night encounter in Bed-Stuy during a blackout, leads to a profound connection between two workers.

When It All Goes Down (4:15) Dir. Vin Scialla, Peter Samuel: Busker musician meets Cabby in disguise.

Good Men (7:22) Dir. Julius B. Kelly, Feat. Stan J. Adams, Vincent Ticali, Omar Torres, & Sidiki Fofana: Three men find themselves in a fateful position.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE ONEBlock #3 (2:30 PM to 4:20 PM)

Compel (17:13) Dir. Patrick Coleman Duncan, Feat. Jessica Rothert, Travis Stanberry, Patrick Coleman Duncan: A one-night stand goes horribly wrong…Or does it?

Purrrfect Intervention (8:50) Dir. Juhi Sharma,Writer – Kisha Pert: Sarah loves cats, but her friends think she has taken it a little far. What happens when they seek outside help?

In a Whole New Way (31:06) Dir. Jonathan Fisher: Supported by neighborhood allies, people of color set out to reform the broken system of Probation. Documentary.

Fig Jam (21:35) Dir. Frank J. Avella, Feat. Carlotta Brentan, Alex Haynes: While on lockdown, Brenda invites Teddy over for a late-night “hookup”. Will carnal lust or fear win out?

Greetings from Sarajevo (9:50) Dir. Melissa Skirboll, Feat. Kathryn Kates, Dina Manganaris, and Liam Mitchell: Sofia, a survivor of the Bosnian genocide, runs into one of the soldiers who destroyed her world and seeks retribution.

My Friends the Plants (9:54) Written, directed, and starring Christine Celozzi: Horror mockumentary depicting an awkward woman’s difficulty being familiar with vampire plants.

The Della Morte Sisters (17:50) Dir. Bill Sorvino: A recent death in the family reunites three sisters. A discovery about their past changes all they thought they knew about each other and family.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE ONEBlock #4 (2:30 PM to 4:20 PM)

The Weird Bird and Stout Gnome Show (20:59) Dir. Amelia Boscov & Saunder Boyle: Web Series about two roommates, Bird & Gnome, and their not-so-normal everyday problems.

Outcry (26:00) Dir. P.M. Lipscomb, Feat. Mike Starr, Tara Macri, Dashiell Connery: On the anniversary of the first meeting with his late wife, an aging man shares honest truths & revelations with dishonest strangers.

Pushing Buttons (4:15) Dir. Summer Rudas, Written & Starring Silvana Gargione: Jackie Hansen’s intentions are good. A self-imposed “mom competition” throws her into a tailspin until she finally stops to smell the icing, and come up for air.

Vitriol (25:00) Dir. Mark Clauburg: A short documentary that explores vehement social media interactions from both sides of the political spectrum. 

Conductor (23:50) Dir. Royce Leii: Fernando returns to his homeland, hoping to reconnect his young family to their roots. When confronted with the dark reality of his beloved home, he wonders if he made a mistake.

HoneyDough (9:56) Written, Directed, and acted by Jillian Vitko, Feat. Jamie Craib: Spending the evening alone, a woman decided to bake-up a Valentine date.


THE SHOWROOM CINEMA –  707 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park New Jersey 

  • THEATRE TWO – Block #1 (10:55 AM to 12:40 PM)

We’re Good (3:00) Dir. Larry Rosen, Feat. Chris Cullen, Katie Leffen, & Mike Vezza: A struggling couple has an animated conversation about their future.

In Crypto (5:50) Dir. Amy Quick Parrish, Feat. Deb LeClair, Robert Parrish: A woman receives a call from a kidnapper demanding cryptocurrency in exchange for her grandson.

Hide and Seek (7:38) Dir. Laura Acero: A young woman submerges herself in her art, when two intruders break into her place. Will the game of “hide and seek”help her emerge from her shell?

Black Collar (11:07) Dir. Gwenyth Rogers: Kidnappers bicker while their captive executes her game of cat and mouse.

Chocolet (5:00) Written & directed by Lazlo Lakatos: Seven year-old Lacika has homework. He has to write an essay about what makes his family special.

The Last Vance (34:48) Dir. Jarrell Hilton: Amidst the backdrop of a pandemic and nationwide social unrest, the players of Vance High School strap-on their helmets to play one last season as the “Vance Cougars”.

“Surf’s Up” by Play Date (2:31) Dir. Peter Bune: Music video.

A Journey to the Moon (2:30) Written & Directed by Jack Getschman: Two little mice build a rocket ship to the moon. Why? For the cheese, of course!

ACEDIA (15:48) Dir. George Carrillo, Feat. Louis Bacigalupo, Soraia Sciccitano, Rebecca Eve: After being frozen by fear of failure, a young man’s marriage is pushed to the breaking point.

Encased (12:39) Written & Directed by Pablo Herrero: Hope disappears into the same box where humanity’s greatest evils reside. Three entities unite to recover it.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE TWO – Block #2  (12:55 AM to 2:15 PM)

Siphon (8:00) Written by Veronica Small, feat. Gracemaria Serafina, Lisa Ross, Donovan Williams: Clients come to psychiatrist Linda to treat and confront their unforgivable depravity. They get more than they bargained for.

Breathing Room (7:46) Dir. Jeffrey Delano Davis, Prod. Maria Davis: A searing portrait of a nursing home brought to its breaking point by Covid.

“SnakeBite” by Julian Brooks (6:00) Dir. Tim Cash, Erie Adina: Fast-paced and epic musical battle between good & evil.

Tethered (2:12) Director Gaia Alari, and writer James Morehead team up to bring the poem “Tethered” to life.

Zack: The Movie (5:00) Dir. Bob Finkelstein: Neglected in a house while his owner sleeps, Zack yearns for freedom in the world that’s just outside his window.

Swipe (5:21) Dir. Anthony Sneed, Feat. Nick Hunter, & Lorenzo Rodriguez: A teenage delinquent learns a valuable lesson about growing up.

Buddy Mills (20:20) Dir. Matt Provenzano, Feat. Charles Sullivan & Michael Robert Anderson: A disgraced comedian gets his awards repossessed.

Broadcast My Ass (19:00) Dir. Marik Roeder: Timmy and friends seek Youtube fame so they can escape their dull village life.

“DDD” by Eric Unusual (2:56) Texas-based artist Eric Unusual tells the story of a man seeking redemption, but unwilling to change his ways.

Spoiler Alert (10:53) Dir. Jes Vasquez: Two best friends, a night of binge-watching, and one intruder.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE TWO – Block #3  (2:30 PM to 4:20 PM)

Cameo (12:50) Dir. Ryan G. Kelly: A graduate student questions reality after she receives a mysterious necklace.

Hunting Bears (35:00) Dir. Matthew Robert Vinci, Feat. Connor Dylan, Ian K.Ritter, Kathryn Milewski: After a series of gruesome murders, a hunter and a detective team up to hunt down the culprit.

Dichos (4:00) Dir. Mary Angelica Molina: A comedy web series about Latin American expressions.

June (14:54) Dir. Dwayne Cameron: Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor, and attempt to deal with the mundane as their world disintegrates.

Ghost Girl (12:00) Dir. Paavo Hanninen, Feat. Jamie Neumann, Sepideh Moafi: A new opportunity reveals a long-festering difference between two longtime collaborators.

I Don’t Know Joe (5:30) Dir. Joe Fernandes: Joe is searching for answers to his problems, but will he listen?

After After Behind The Mask (5:31) Dir. Catherine Boruch: Catherine travels across New York City gathering interviews about the state of the pandemic.

Couple of Guys (21:16) Dir. Debra Markowitz, Feat. Lukas Hassel, Sal Rendino: A newly divorced attorney on the verge of coming out meets a flirtatious rocker ina record store.


  • SHOWROOM CINEMA – THEATRE TWO – Block #4  (4:35 PM to 7:00 PM)

Divertimento (30:00) Dir. Keyvan Sheikhalishahi: Kellan Lutz portrays Jonas Olsen, a chess player haunted by a tragic past, who is invited to participate in a mysterious game.

(AB) Normal (12:38) Dir. Miguel Parra: Leo, Juan, David, & Lucio cross paths at a gym locker room. Four ways to understand masculinity.

Swiped (13:41) Dir. Billy Kay, Written by Lauren Terilli: Two wifi-crossed strangers try to make an online love connection,  but one unwittingly becomes the leading man in the other’s bizarre digital daydream.

VAL (15:17) Dir. Ursula Monteiro & Bruno Sabongi: Valeria’s life is upended by the appearance of her convicted ex-boyfriend.

Letters From Bobeyan (19:52) Dir. Stephen Paul Cooke: Fictional story based on historical events of 24th of June 1850 in the Bobeyan Valley Australia.

Romance (11:57) Dir. Giorgi Tkemaladze: Twenty year-old Henry is studying Georgian folk music. His strange habit of singing in the park at night lands him in hot water.

On the Table (15:00) Dir. Diana Arnold & Nicholas Canfield: Diana Arnold guides us through hilarious customer interactions.

Something Borrowed (15:32) Dir. Danny Donnelly: The friends go to the shore for a girls weekend. When a fun idea goes awry, chaos ensues.

PORTA ASBURY PARK –  911 Kingsley Street, 

Asbury Park New Jersey 

  • Porta Block #1 (10:30 AM to 11:50 AM)

Miracle Baby (18:52) Dir. Michelle Bossy, Feat. Nancy Nagrant, Steven Kunken: Congressman’s wife discovers that her husband has been cheating on her. 

Dinner Therapy (6:17) Dir. Laura Daniel, Feat. Kate Greer, Wayne Henry, and Trent V. Stone: In the midst of a pandemic, a New York City therapist is forced to hold her sessions outside.

Small World (3:00) Dir. Jim Ford, Feat. Hannah Sloat: Two strangers meet in a faraway land and realize they are from the same town.

The Chain (3:25) Dir. Will Martinko, Writer Eric Campbell: A young thief confronts his boss after a heist goes horribly wrong. 

View Finder (15:43) Dir. Dylan Lloyd: A 25 year-old photographer begins living in his van as the quarantine hits Los Angeles.

“Ancient Lover” by Banji & Mayuri (4:45) Second installment of their music video series, this video explores their origin story,

Boogeymen (8:00) Dir. Devin TRASH Manson: Hollywood icon James Dean spends his day on a rollicking Chaplin-like adventure with fellow celebrity of note…Bigfoot!

One Shot (9:27) Dir. Julius B. Kelly, Feat. Stan J. Adams, Stacey Giambastiani, & Sidiki Fofana: All his life, Kenny has been scared to stand up for all he believes…until he meets Rosie!

Kathy with a “K” (3:13) Dir. Michael Carnes, Feat. Candace Kirkpatrick, Tina Gallo: When two “Karens” collide, sparks fly. This return policy is about to get messy!


  • Porta Block #2 (12:00 PM to 1:35 PM)

A Boat Time (3:24) Dir. Jim Ford, Feat. John Mason: A fisherman is alone on his boat enjoying the perfect day until ship happens.

“Eleanor Rigby” by Erin Hill (3:55) Rock n’ Roll harpist & singer Erin Hills reimagines The Beatles’ masterpiece.

Dentists (10:59) Dir. Paradox Delilah, Feat. Sari Mercer, Greg Delmage, & Andrew Francis: A struggling actress pretends to be a dentist one night while out drinking, and accidentally hooks up with a real dentist.

Milk (5:00) Dir. Celia Jaspers, Feat. Charlotte Jaspers, Frank Edwards, & Christy-Anne Sullivan: When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.

Moving Forward (13:40) Dir. Montana Rock: Documentary that follows a non-profit organization whose mission is to erase the stigma of suicide, and raise awareness of mental illness.

Pillow Fight (2:12) Dir. Hunter Hopewell, Feat. Phoebe McCorkle: A couple’s dispute over a decorative pillow gets out of hand. 

On/Off (7:00) Dir. Nicolas Villareal: Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

The Bullet (8:00) Dir. Tyrell Jason, Chase Brown: Abel relives his brother’s death through therapy, and admits to feeling an urge for vengeance.

Innocent Chat (22:59) Dir. Rajiv Mallick, Feat. Rich Henkel, Emma Bidic: A childless, married man is drawn to an online chat with a younger woman.

Crimson (16:30) Dir. Keerian Flammang, Feat. Audrey San Lucas, Emilio Farhat, and Sebastien Gill: After losing her only child, Rose must learn to live again. Will the son fulfill the promise he made to his mother?

Momma, Don’t Go (5:32) Dir. Rafael De Leon, Jr. Feat. Julia Tolchin, Leanne Watson: A mother and daughter struggle to survive a deadly home invasion.


  • Porta Block #3 (1:45 PM to 4:20 PM)

Across the Bar (20:20) Dir. Joseph Borzotta: People confess to their priest…or their bartender. Three souls tell their tales on a quiet night at the Jersey Shore.

The Dina Brickle Show (37:20) Dir. Luisa Rueckert, Feat. Christopher Schuechert, and Julie Smith: The tale of a good-natured, off-beat elementary school theatre teacher.

Greaseballs (15:12) Dir. Jackson Mirmina: Mafia grunt Mario Angelo whacks a fellow member, and then begins to understand just how absurd organized crime truly is.

Vax (30:50) Dir. Chris Cacciopi: Tongue-in-cheek mockumentary about the various justifications from those who opted out of the vaccines.

Or the Story Goes: Knock Knock Ep. 3 (12:39) Dir. Theresa Labregio: After his father’s death, Jack goes to extremes to provide for his family. Now unexpected visitors came to reclaim what was stolen from them.

Waiting at Newkirk Avenue (29:09) Dir. Mike Burdick, Feat. Jonathan Fishman, and Shiva Kiani: As Holly, and fellow hitman Benny discuss their intertwined past in a Brookly subway stop, the arrival of a mystery man could decide their fate.


  • Porta Block #4 (4:30 PM to 6:50 PM)

Human Telegraphs Season 1 (30:00) Dir. Kayla Conroy, Feat. Rachel Kay Barclay, Fern Lim: Three women launch a message delivery service, and get more than they bargained for. 

Absence (13:22) Dir. Richard Marx: Something is calling out to Lena. Her life is changing abruptly after a terrible event.

The Proposal (29:16) Dir. Theo Coumbis, Feat. Kenneth Puna Matepi, Olga Kalashnikova: Anton Checkhov’s masterpiece about a bumbling young man’s courtship with his neighbor.

Antique Heroes (14:03) Dir. Caroline McQuade, Feat. Fletcher Kennedy, Julia Wilson, & Rubin Royce Queree: An alcoholic comedian and her 10 year-old nephew discover that anyone can be a hero…with the right theme song.

Red Chili Please (13:34) Dir. Haocheng Zhang, Feat. Shulin Han, Haoyu Tian: Food vlogger Anna loses her senses of smell and taste, and her ex-boyfriend is back in town. She must find a way to rebalance her life.

Bouncing Souls: Stoked for Summer (26:49) Dir. Peter Bune: Follows The Bouncing Souls as they celebrate 30 years as a band, and prepare for their “Stoked for the Summer” show in Asbury Park.

**AWARDS WILL FOLLOW AFTER A BRIEF PAUSE (to reformat the room) AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE LAST SET AT PORTA – Please take this time to grab a bite, a drink, to network, and to take pictures. Please tag us and use hashtag #HOTYS **

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Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival is the Jersey Shore’s premier short-film festival. Now entering our seventh year, the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival aims to promote the art of the short film at the Jersey Shore by creating an organic artistic space where those that enjoy the arts and short films can unite.

Chris J. Cullen, Rich Lello and Brian Kopack created the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival to celebrate the art of film-making, with an emphasis on short films!

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